The Candlelight Ceremony

Like a shooting star. Like a spark at a camp fire. Like the flicker of a candle. Pine Forest Camp’s 84th season  is almost over.

It’s a chilly night tonight. And as dusk fell, if you looked up at the tree tops  rustling  in the breeze, you could see a red or gold leaf fall to the ground, the first signs of Autumn. It’s time to go home.

We gather together one last time until we return for PFC’s 85th summer, sharing the warmth of friendship. This magical place seems so far from the rest of the world, like we’re in some faraway kingdom of goodness and happiness.

Arm in arm, we sing for the last time this year, “Friends, friends, friends  we will always be…”

Let it be so.


Dribbler on the Roof!

A big day in sports: LeBron to Cleveland and Corey “The Dribbler” Rich to PFC.

Corey Rich brought his basketball dribbling expertise to Pine Forest, proving that hard work and practice really pays off. Corey has played basketball overseas, toured the country with his skills and has even appeared on the Letterman show! That’s cool!

Corey entertained our campers with interactive games, tips and drills and at one point dribbled six basketballs at once. It took ten campers to steal the ball from him!

Corey taught us that just because he isn’t the tallest, he never gave up on his dream of entertaining people through his love of basketball.

photo 2-11 photo 1-12





From the City to the Mountains.

    The office moves today. Five vans come down from Greeley today to  pick up all of our gear for camp. Computers, files and forms,  10 months of planning to make this the best summer ever. But what really goes up are our hopes and dreams for a wonderful season.  And all signs point to an amazing one; more new campers, lots of returning counselors and Interns, new staff who are going to be simply fantastic. All year long the office talks about camp but after today, we live it. So finish your homework, ace your finals, say good bye to humdrum and routine and get ready to join us for the best summer of your life.

    By the way parents, after today, the number to call for the office is  570-685-7141. Office hours will be 9-5 pre-camp and 8am -8pm when camp is in session. And there will always be an emergency number to call before or after  hours 24/7.   Anytime. We are here for you.


Haircuts and sneakers. That’s how we roll.

It’s the week before camp and it’s time to get that short summer cut that you’ve been dreading. It doesn’t have to be a crew cut guys,  it’s got to last for seven weeks.  (Back in the 50’s a barber came to PFC!) And remember when 2 years ago Danny came to camp with a PFC logo shaved into his hair?! Crazy! But it got us all in the spirit. So don’t be shy, go for it. In the words of Huey Lewis  “It’s hip to be square!”

And look down. What have you got on your feet? You don’t need brand new sneakers but bring good athletic shoes for league games and maybe an old pair or some aqua shoes for a little “creek stomping!” up at nature.


Welcome to our new blog!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to present…

Untitled-6.fwUncle Hughie and The News!

This blog will cover all things PFC: before, during and after the summer. We’ll have guest bloggers ranging from camp leaders to campers to alumni to our new baker who wants to publish his rugelach recipes! Uncle Hughie and The News has it all.

You’re probably asking yourself, Uncle Hughie and The News? Is that what I think it is, and ode to the late 80’s rock band, Huey Lewis and The News?  The band many know for their critically acclaimed album, ‘Sports’.  The answer: Sort of, but not really. It just sounded funny.

Our founder, Uncle Hughie Black, never really heard the sweet yet poignant and catchy sounds of the pop rock band. In fact, Uncle Hughie was likely more of a Benny Goodman fan.  But that’s another story for another campfire…

Are you ready for the blog of all blogs? A mommy blog with a sharp cheddar edge that even dad can get down with?

This MUST be the place for you: current & future campers, parents, alumni.

So read along with us as we join the world of camping, blogging, bug juice and bug bites.