The Camp:

Set on 1,000 private acres, Pine Forest is unsurpassed in the camping world. Among the facilities are: 12 tennis courts, 2 heated swimming pools, 6 basketball courts, 2 hockey rinks, a 1-mile long lake, an indoor basketball court, an outdoor theater, a modern air-conditioned dining room, soccer fields, five art studios, a dance studio, a recording studio, miles of hiking and biking trails, a 45 ft. climbing wall, 2 zip lines, a nature/adventure center with a live weather station, a woodworking shop, a media and broadcast center, an indoor theater and more!


Your bunk. Your pals. What could be better?! Your cabin is home base for you and your friends, so live it up! Bring your posters and pictures, and whatever else you want to hang on the walls. There’s plenty of space around your bed with a cubby for your clothes and a top shelf for all your stuff. Best of all, every night is like a giant sleepover. So be sure to bring extra batteries for your flashlight. Each cabin has private shower stalls with hot water, modern bathrooms, plenty of outlets, and all the comforts of home. (Well, almost all!) It’s not a country club, but it’s a long way from “roughing it!”