The Trouble with Camp…

The trouble with camp is that camp ends.

The buses pull out this morning. In an instant, camp is silent. But the air will be filled with happy memories. Pine Forest’s 89th summer has come to a close and it was one of the best ever.

Thank you campers and counselors, housekeeping and maintenance, nurses and doctors and office staff, one and all, for making it such a tremendous season.

And now it’s back to home and school. But everyone who shared this wonderful summer comes home a little different. A little better. Keep the spirit of PFC alive all year long. Stay in touch.

Pine Forest is more than a place in Greeley, PA. It’s a place in our hearts.

The Things We Carry.

Like the song says, “All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go.”

Mountain Baggage, R&B, UPS, FedEx, parent pick-up.

Today we pack up, have our awards ceremonies, and tonight it’s the candlelight. It feels like we just arrived.  But we’re coming home with so much more than we can pack in a bag; new friends, new adventures, new confidence. There isn’t a duffle bag or shipping company big enough to handle it.

Those are the things that we carry.

Mickey’s Book Club: Book #2!

Mickey’s book club is growing!  By popular demand, we’re beginning a second book this summer: Squirm by Carl Hiaasen!  We have more campers than ever before joining the club and spreading the joy of summer reading.  Campers are looking forward to reading about outdoor adventure and protecting the environment…two of Mickey’s favorite things!

There’s No Place Like Home.

Our upper camp campers returned home to Greeley, PA last night, all smiles.  Our 11th graders arrived first, back from Boston, having visited Tufts, BU, and Northeastern (and their old stomping grounds from the 9th grade trip).  The 7th graders were next to come home, sharing stories from the Adirondacks and how great their first overnight trip out of camp was!  Not long after, at 10:15 PM on the dot, ALL of the other buses we were waiting for rolled in!  We’re back to our regularly scheduled programing, but can’t get enough of the stories.

Red, White, Blue and Gold!

July 4th is one of the best days at camp, so we woke up to pure excitement today! Our 10s came through each bunk decked out in red, white and blue and they paraded around camp with whistles and bullhorns in their decorated golf carts!

We walked into the dining room to find the entire place decorated with red, white and blue balloons and streamers. For breakfast, we had french toast with strawberries (red), whipped cream (white), and blueberries (blue) and fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts – a true PFC tradition!

We did lunch the only way we know how to on the 4th: a special meal complete with foot-long hot dogs!

This afternoon, we had an awesome carnival come to camp! It was complete with an inflatable obstacle course for the pool and massive inflatable waterslides!

The highlight of 4th of July at camp are the best fireworks display in Pike County over Mitchell Field. We always hear from alumni that July 4th reminds them of their cherished time in Greeley. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy birthday, America!



Big Sister, Little Sister

The secret is out!

This week Senior and Hi-Senior girls got the names of their “little sisters.” It was up to them to provide clues as to who they are. Is that a note under my pillow? A bracelet in my cubby? Who made my bed for me? Last night was the BIG REVEAL: Older campers identified themselves to their little sisters at a multi-dimentional evening activity!

It was a great few days of mystery and excitement!

Basketball Leagues Have Begun!

Basketball leagues have begun!

The campers have divided into teams and begun the first games of the 2019 league program. Intramural leagues were started at Pine Forest back in the 1960’s by Stan Ward, coach of Brown University and taken to a new and exciting level by our own award-winning  Athletic Director  Steve Chadwin. Every division is divided into equal teams and there’s all-out competition until at the end of the summer one team in each division is crowned champion.  It’s fun, it’s high energy, and the winners get their names inscribed forever in Hughie Hall. (Named after Hughie Black, our own basketball star.) It’s Hoops time!