Welcome to our new blog!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to present…

Untitled-6.fwUncle Hughie and The News!

This blog will cover all things PFC: before, during and after the summer. We’ll have guest bloggers ranging from camp leaders to campers to alumni to our new baker who wants to publish his rugelach recipes! Uncle Hughie and The News has it all.

You’re probably asking yourself, Uncle Hughie and The News? Is that what I think it is, and ode to the late 80’s rock band, Huey Lewis and The News?  The band many know for their critically acclaimed album, ‘Sports’.  The answer: Sort of, but not really. It just sounded funny.

Our founder, Uncle Hughie Black, never really heard the sweet yet poignant and catchy sounds of the pop rock band. In fact, Uncle Hughie was likely more of a Benny Goodman fan.  But that’s another story for another campfire…

Are you ready for the blog of all blogs? A mommy blog with a sharp cheddar edge that even dad can get down with?

This MUST be the place for you: current & future campers, parents, alumni.

So read along with us as we join the world of camping, blogging, bug juice and bug bites.

We Are Bringing the Best to Camp!


Here’s the lineup of visiting artists and professionals who will be working with our campers this summer.
No need to register and no added cost.

Kelli Moshen
Owner/Founder of Moshen
Dance Project

Casey Brett
Major League Baseball Scout for
the Seattle Mariners

Jeff Feld
Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Organization,
Basketball Operations, Front Office 

Ultimate Frisbee Professionals
Members of the Philadelphia
Ultimate Frisbee Team

Jon Richer
Teacher and professional
wooden boat builder
Danny Kopec
International Master Chess Champion

Judine Somerville
with Broadway Workshop,
Broadway Performer

Lacrosse players and coaches
Marc and Lou Dubick
University of Maryland Lacrosse
players and coaches.

Square Dancing Professionals
Cliff & Senta Brodeur 

The Dallas Texans Soccer Club
Select soccer player/ coaches.