Our Program

The Pine Forest Activity Program is Action-Packed!


The Basics:

Each day is made up of 7 activities, 4 before lunch and 3 in the afternoon. For our youngest campers, 4 or 5 activities per day are prescheduled leaving 1 or 2 for choice. All campers through 8th grade participate in team sports and swimming five days a week, there is also a creative arts and outdoor adventure activity incorporated into each day. We believe in a well-rounded schedule! Campers travel (always with a counselor!) by age group. As campers mature, their schedule accommodates more and more choice and freedom, though every camper of every age group is always scheduled, busy and engaged. There’s no time to wander at PFC! We believe a great camp is an organized, structured, supervised camp. Wakeup is at 7:45AM, and bedtime ranges from about 9PM-10PM depending upon age group.

How about Down Time?

Down time at camp includes rest hour after lunch and “hobby time” after dinner. Rest hour takes place in the bunk and ensures that campers take time to decompress, relax, read, listen to music, have a quiet conversation, get organized and write letters home! Hobby Time is a great opportunity to informally do more of what you love at camp. Practice your swing, work on your pottery skills, and even meet up with your big sister or little brother (biological or camp-made)!

Evening Program:

Evenings at camp, under the stars, are what make camp feel magical. Campfires, 4th of July fireworks, wacky relays, “The Mostest, “Jukebox,” “Rainbow Scavenger Hunt” and more are camp programs that become much more than programs, they make up the kind of camp memories that last a lifetime!

Sleep Late? Special Programing?

Twice a week, we wake up at 8:45AM instead of 7:45AM. In our experience, even early risers benefit from and really do sleep in on these slightly later days. They prevent us from becoming overtired and keep us on track! Every 10 days or so, there’s some kind of special activity at camp. It could be the 4th of July day-long carnival, it might be College Day or the highly-anticipated Color Days at the end of the summer, we even have a day-long “PineFest” dedicated to the arts! In short, there’s never a dull moment in Greeley.

Lower Camp

  • Juniors (Entering 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade)
  • Intermediates (Entering 5th & 6th Grade)

Upper Camp

  • Seniors (Entering 7th & 8th Grade)
  • Hi Seniors (Entering 9th & 10th Grade)
  • 11th Grade Leadership Program