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Camp Food

Yes, at camp we strive for a certain nostalgic, simpler times, throwback feel. The exception? The dining hall. Think: avocado toast bar, Dim Sum buffet, Homemade Gravlox on Sundays and matzoh ball soup with Friday night dinner! Of course, cookouts are still hamburgers and hot dogs, and we have plenty of kid-friendly food like chicken fingers (white meat), pizza (whole wheat crust, gluten free and dairy veggie options); this isn’t the camp food you remember, moms and dads! Oh, and the dining hall is air conditioned. It’s just more pleasant that way! At Pine Forest, we see the dining hall as an extension of home. Campers sit with their bunks at the same table every day for every meal. Food is served buffet style, and campers may help themselves to as much as they want. All counselors make sure plates are looking full, fresh and colorful. A plateful of sweet potato fries isn’t gonna cut it!

Whether it’s a food allergy or the pickiest of eaters, our staff will make sure your camper feels comfortable, confident and receives the attention he or she requires when it comes to diet. We even have a nutrition specialist on staff dedicated to allergies, dietary needs and food restrictions.  He or she meets with both our culinary staff and our campers and advises campers on what’s okay and what’s not okay for each specific concern. We provide special meal accommodations to anyone with dairy, gluten (our own Director Emeritus Marvin Black eats strictly gluten-free!), fish, shellfish, egg and soy allergies. In addition, we always have kosher and vegetarian options available to anyone with those specific needs.

We do not serve peanut or tree-nut products or products that list peanuts or tree-nuts as ingredients at all in our dining hall. We also check for cross contact warnings on all products. However, not all of our suppliers label in this way, and manufacturers may change their labels without notice. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee avoidance of cross-contact with regard to nuts. If your allergic camper is able to eat in a restaurant, you will find camp to be a great and safe haven.

For over 30 years, Owner/Director Barbara Black has overseen all the food at Pine Forest. Homemade is her expertise. On Friday afternoons you can find her in the kitchen making challah for Friday night dinner, preparing fruit platters for a Junior Luau, or making one of four meatball (regular, gluten-free, kosher and vegetarian) options for spaghetti & meatball dinners.

Barbara takes great pride in making the dining hall feel like an extension of home; beautiful wildflowers are always on display and bowls of fruit always full and available to campers from morning till night.

Every day, campers have multiple options at each and every meal. You can count on the following options at each meal:


In addition to these daily options, there’s always the main course!

Health Center

  • Open 24/7
  • 4 Nurses on-site
  • 1 Doctor – lives on-site