Summer Camp News and Blog

The Tent is UP!

The tent is officially up, which means Visiting Day is just days away! We can’t wait to see everyone this Saturday, July 22nd!

Under the Tent

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  • Grab your camper’s bunk photo!

Campers will be waiting for you on the porch of their cabin with their counselors. Parents, walk…don’t run!  The Hi-Senior girls (grades 9-10) will be at Netsy Playhouse. If you’re late, don’t worry, the counselors will stay with their campers until every family arrives.

Get ready for a fabulous day!  We can’t wait to see you!

Pine Forest Camp Ninja Warriors!

Tom Thompson: Creator of the coolest Ninja Warrior course in all of Campdom with Ninja visionary, Lee Black. For the rest of time, this camper battleground shall be known as “Tom’s Dojo” in honor of our beloved maintenance hero.

(We’re not really sure what a Dojo is, but it sounded Ninja-like).

Thank you, Tom!

Camp Friends are Forever!

It’s not every day that a whole bunk who grew up together reunites at PFC.
Here they are, from bunk Cedar in 1976 to bunk Walnut in 1983, Mike, Sam,
Keith, David, Ken, Phil, Randy and Steven. 41 years later they are still
good friends. They stopped by to see what campers are up to these days and
to reminisce.  A few even have children, nieces and nephews here. Sure,
camp is about teams, adventure and fun, but at its core it’s about
friendship. The kind of friendship that last a lifetime, camp friends.
There is a lot that has changed in the last 87 years, but not that.


Let the Games Begin!

Arizona! UCLA! UConn! Miami!

Last night were opening ceremonies for College Day 2017. Campers and their high-energy leaders were decked out in Red, Blue, White and Gold and were hootin’ and hollerin’ as they cheered each other on! First there was the solemn opening ceremony with a  flaming Olympic torch and pledge. This was followed by some rousing competition in wacky relays, tug of war, freeze dancing, egg  tossing  and more.

It all ended tonight in an intense flaming rope-burning contest on Mitchell Field. Tomorrow it’s all day track and field competition, swim meets and an all-camp Steeplechase.

Let the college spirit soar! Let the fun and games begin!

Pine Forest Camp in MOSHEN!

There was hip hop, modern dance, lyrical and more at the inter-camp dance
showcase. There were small and large group performances, individuals,
and duets all showcased at colorful Center Stage. Professional performer
and dance teacher, Kelli Moshen, director of the Kelli Moshen Dance Project, is our artist-in-residence this week. She was the master of ceremonies for the event and choreographer for many!

Run, laugh, dance!

Bubbe’s Knishes!

Today our TOP Cooks got a taste of ethnic traditional cooking when Barbara
Black, known as “Bubbe” (A Yiddish term for grandmother!) to Ruby and Hattie Black Morin, led a class in knish-making! The most popular type of knish were the pizza knishes that beat out potato knishes 2-1.

Move over, Chef Michael Solomonov, our TOP campers know how to whip up some Jewish soul food!

The Mighty Delaware River.

Cedar Rapids,  Skinners Falls, Callicoon, Pond Eddy, Hawk’s Nest, Lackawaxen… Iconic names of places on the river’s edge. Some spots are marked, some are just legend, but you know that you are moving by fast and moving with the force of one of the great rivers in North America. You’re on the Delaware.

Pine Forest is much more then just team sports and arts and crafts. Some campers crave the unknown, the unexpected… true adventure. And they love a canoe trip. Put on your sunscreen, your life jacket and grab a paddle. You never know what’s around the next bend. Kind of like life.

Camp is many things, but there’s nothing fake or virtual about it. It is as real as real can get. Once you commit, you may get wet, you may get weary, but you’re going to make it. And there’s no better feeling.


Hi, “Goldie”!

The girls in bunk Goldenrod have a new resident, a robin and her babies in a birds nest just outside their window. They named the momma bird “Goldie”. You can see it up close from  inside looking through the glass.

Sometimes it’s not the big planned activities or events at camp, but occurrences like this, when nature adds its own beauty and wonder to everyday life.

Baseball and more @ PFC!

Uncle Marv threw out the first pitch and it was a full morning of an intercamp baseball tournament today out on Mitchell Field. Also today, the girls 11 and under basketball played in a great game and campers warmed up for a climbing competition later this week.

Peter Pan rehearsals are in full swing and Kelli Moshen, our professional dance performer and teacher, began her intensive dance mini-camp for all interested campers. And camper bands are beginning to form for the much anticipated  upcoming “Battle of the Bands”.

We’re rockin’!

Pine Forest, Ink.

We’re turning pine trees to pens at camp today!

Campers are creating their own unique, wooden pens in wood shop today.  After carefully selecting their piece of wood, campers spend 10-15 minutes sanding and crafting their pens.  The best part?  Each one is different and awesome just like our campers!

Looks like the next few letters they’ll be writing home might be written with a cool new wooden writing utensil!