2019 Reunion: Best Reunion EVER!

Sunday was AWESOME!  Dare we say it was the … BEST REUNION EVER?  A big thank you to everyone who came out to party with us.  Campers, counselors, key staff, & more!  Busses were flooded with campers from the New York area, North Jersey, and even Maryland — we were so thrilled with the turnout.  Doesn’t it feel great to be back together again?  Yesterday was so great, we can’t even IMAGINE how great Summer 2020 will be.  We only have 226 more days to wait and see and no, it’s never to early to start counting down.  We can’t wait!

The Trouble with Camp…

The trouble with camp is that camp ends.

The buses pull out this morning. In an instant, camp is silent. But the air will be filled with happy memories. Pine Forest’s 89th summer has come to a close and it was one of the best ever.

Thank you campers and counselors, housekeeping and maintenance, nurses and doctors and office staff, one and all, for making it such a tremendous season.

And now it’s back to home and school. But everyone who shared this wonderful summer comes home a little different. A little better. Keep the spirit of PFC alive all year long. Stay in touch.

Pine Forest is more than a place in Greeley, PA. It’s a place in our hearts.

The Things We Carry.

Like the song says, “All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go.”

Mountain Baggage, R&B, UPS, FedEx, parent pick-up.

Today we pack up, have our awards ceremonies, and tonight it’s the candlelight. It feels like we just arrived.  But we’re coming home with so much more than we can pack in a bag; new friends, new adventures, new confidence. There isn’t a duffle bag or shipping company big enough to handle it.

Those are the things that we carry.


Old Timers’ Club!

We had our OLD TIMERS’ CLUB meeting today at Pine Forest!  Our campers (And counselors!) that have been at Pine Forest for 3+ years celebrated being OLD TIMERS with an ice cream party and a special gift this afternoon!  Our newly-inducted 3-year campers and counselors are well on their way to a spot on our 10-year tree.

Kindness Day!

It’s “Kindness Day” up here in Greeley!  Our Inter + Junior girls are spreading kindness throughout Pine Forest to everyone!  Sending special notes and gifts to our Health Center, the front office, the kitchen crew, our activity heads, Directors, our trusty maintenance men… all of the people that make camp run as smoothly as soy nut butter!

2019 PFC Visiting Day: Success!

Another Visiting Day in the books!  We had the best time visiting with our camp parents yesterday. Pine Forest Camp’s Summer 2019 Visiting Day was a success!  Parents gushed over their camper’s official bunk photos, swam in the pools, tackled the Wibits at the lake, and even enjoyed a snippet of this year’s production of Matilda at Netsy Playhouse!  The warmth we felt wasn’t even weather-related, it was the warmth from our camp families joining us “Up Where the Sky Begins!”  We already can’t wait for Visiting Day 2020.  We hope to see you there!  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Greeley Weather Report for Visiting Day!

Good morning from “Up Where the Sky Begins!” 

We have had beautiful, mild weather all summer, but Saturday will be a scorcher. The forecast is for record-breaking heat. Please notify any family members (Grandparents in particular!) who might have difficulty in extreme weather.

In preparation for a happy-but-hot day, here are a few notes:

– Additional water stations with bottled water and ice will be located at all tents, at the pools and the lake. Please carry water with you!
– We have arranged a Lake Shuttle Bus back and forth throughout the day.
– The dining room is air conditioned.
– There will be cooler areas with tables and chairs under the large tents and in the picnic grove.

Special Requests:

– After you enjoy your lunch in the dining room, the shaded grove or under the tents, please make room for other families to share these cooler spaces, too.
– Please do not linger in cabins. They have fans and a nice cross breeze but are built to comfortably accommodate a finite number of children, not large numbers of adults at one time. They will get very warm, very quickly if we crowd them.
– Please stay hydrated! Stay cool! (Consider bringing a bathing suit, both pools will be open!)
-Bring smiles, hugs and love from home.
We can’t wait to see you, no matter the weather!

The Tent is UP!

The tent is officially up, which means Visiting Day is THIS WEEKEND!


We can’t wait to see you on Visiting Day: Saturday, July 20th! It’s getting close! It’s been a great summer so far, and we’re excited for you to experience camp in action! Come one, come all!  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – all are welcome!

Visiting Day Schedule

11:30 AM – 3:00 PM: Visiting and lunch, activities and pool open.

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM: Enjoy camp in action!
Selected activities and open demonstrations.
2:00 PM: 10 Year Tree Ceremony
3:00 PM: Camper good-byes and departure

Visiting Day Guidelines

– No pets, please.
– No nuts or food containing nuts.
– Please just bring enough food for one day. We love friends, but not the furry kind in the bunks.
– No counselor gratuities. A handshake and a good ol’ fashioned ‘Thank You’ goes a long way.
No bunk apparel or gifts, please! You’ve already given your child the gift of camp!
– Camper cell phones collected at camp will not be returned on Visiting Day. Campers will get them on the buses home.
– Our Dining Room will not open until 11:30 AM, when Visiting Day begins. No reservations. No saving tables, please.
What you can bring!
– Love
– Smiles
– Sunshine
– Grandma’s world-class, nut-free chocolate chip cookies
Early 2020 Registration Now Open!
Save a spot for 2020 at our most discounted rate (and save $755!) by registering between now and Visiting Day only.
Remember, deposits are fully refundable through February 1, 2020. In addition to the savings, we also have a special Visiting Day gift for registered families under the tent!