Welcome to PFC Color Days 2022!

Color Days 2022 has begun!

And the teams are…

Yellowstone Gold vs. Acadia Blue

Our first National Park vs. the National Park where the sun rises first!
What was the surprise, or “break,” to start it all?

A bright red antique fire engine with sirens blasting and lights flashing? That would be enough. But it wasn’t just one fire engine, it wasn’t two or even three, it was four. They just kept coming down the road through camp. Then, from out of the woods onto Mitchell Field…moose, bear, park rangers and more. There might’ve even been a lobster! Then, two real race cars! They did a few exciting laps around the field, campers went crazy.

It was the biggest parade Greeley, PA has seen in years!
Happy 150th Anniversary to Yellowstone, and happy 91st to PFC!

Color Days lasts for 3 full days of competition with games, skits and songs all culminating in “The Sing.” To follow every score, game, and exciting moment, we have a special page designed just for PFC’s Color Days. Keep checking it for the latest news!

Let the fun and competition begin!

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