Taylor Swift (the Musical!)

Oh What a Night! 

All we can say is WOW! The energy at Netsy Playhouse was palpable tonight!

The excitement started after dinner, when our CAs rode and ran around camp in their blue and gold, blowing whistles, cheering loudly, and hyping everyone up for what turned out to be a FAKE BREAK! 

Next, we gathered as a camp to watch the most EPIC Taylor Swift inspired musical, written by our very own drama counselors. I mean, what better way to close out our totally Swiftie summer! The whole camp sang along as our amazing performers rocked the show. 

If it couldn’t get any better than that, with some smooth moves from our PFC leaders, they managed to pull off perhaps the most believable fake break of all time! I mean two fake breaks in one night?! Unheard of! 

While we’re disappointed that these breaks weren’t the real deal, you better believe we’ll be sleeping with our shoes by our beds tonight! You just never know…

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