Camp Family Ski Season – 2024

You’re invited! ⛄️ If you’re looking for a not-too-far-away outdoor adventure this winter, consider @SkiBigBear and stopping by to see camp covered in snow! ❄️ They’ll be offering our camp families a special 15% camp rate for non-holiday lift tickets in 2024 🎿 Email us for the code and to let us know if you plan on stopping by to drive through camp: ! Snow exciting! ⛷

Color Days – Summer 2023

Color Days 2023 has begun!

And the teams are…

Gold Summer Olympics
Blue Winter Olympics

What was the surprise, or “break,” to start it all?

A helicopter was heard circling camp as Taylor Swift’s greatest hits were heard all over Greeley. The helicopter landed briefly on Lauri Field and, soon after, an escorted Lincoln limousine made its way down girls’ loop to Netsy Playhouse. Could it be?!

Campers and counselors ran to Netsy Playhouse as a Taylor Swift impersonator serenaded them with four songs — which was just a distraction as the collegiate flags were swapped out on Chadwin Court for the flags of many countries. The Olympic theme song was heard from Chadwin Court and the campers made their way to the stands.

A parade of Summer and Winter Olympic athletes followed a flaming torch around the girls’ flagpole ending at Chadwin Court where a toga-clad Chad was waiting to announce this year’s Color Days theme.

It was the biggest parade Greeley, PA has seen in years!

Color Days lasts for 3 full days of competition with games, skits and songs all culminating in “The Sing.” To follow every score, game, and exciting moment, we have a special page designed just for PFC’s Color Days. Keep checking it for the latest news!

Let the fun and competition begin!

Taylor Swift (the Musical!)

Oh What a Night! 

All we can say is WOW! The energy at Netsy Playhouse was palpable tonight!

The excitement started after dinner, when our CAs rode and ran around camp in their blue and gold, blowing whistles, cheering loudly, and hyping everyone up for what turned out to be a FAKE BREAK! 

Next, we gathered as a camp to watch the most EPIC Taylor Swift inspired musical, written by our very own drama counselors. I mean, what better way to close out our totally Swiftie summer! The whole camp sang along as our amazing performers rocked the show. 

If it couldn’t get any better than that, with some smooth moves from our PFC leaders, they managed to pull off perhaps the most believable fake break of all time! I mean two fake breaks in one night?! Unheard of! 

While we’re disappointed that these breaks weren’t the real deal, you better believe we’ll be sleeping with our shoes by our beds tonight! You just never know…

About last night!

Play Ball! 

Our senior boys and girls had a blast at a minor league baseball game last night! They watched as the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders beat the Worcester Red Sox, 5-3. 

The weather was perfect, the game was exciting, and of course the snacks were delicious. 

Tonight, our hi-seniors will head to a game, and our junior and inter campers can’t wait until it’s their turn! 

Good Morning, Pine Forest Camp!

“What’s a line-up?” a camper in bunk Lilac asked as she bounded up to the girls flag pole after clean up.

It’s how we start the day at camp. Announcements are made, jokes are told, camper-friendly news from the world shared and birthdays celebrated Today’s line-ups featured introductions of all of our camp leaders!

At boys’ line-up, Hal talked about his guiding principles for the summer: L.F.B. Leadership, Fair Play, Brotherhood. A tribute to Lee Forest Black.

And there was sports news from Slansky. Special, interesting holidays from Jack. And ,“Did you know..” that not one, two, but three campers were visited by the tooth fairy last night?!

At Girls’ line-up, there was a rousing rendition of the traditional camp song, “We welcome you to Pine Forest,” followed by Chad’s pep talk about athletic leagues. Jonathan gave news of Taylor Swift’s “surprise songs” from last night’s Minneapolis concert. “Dear John.” The crowd gasped!

A reminder by Stephanie to wear sneakers and sunscreen. Yes, the sun came out!

Tooth fairies, songs, funny holidays, brotherhood, Taylor Swift all followed by the eggs, bagels and homemade gravlax for breakfast. What a great way to start the season (or really any day)! We’re off and running.

Welcome to PFC Color Days 2022!

Color Days 2022 has begun!

And the teams are…

Yellowstone Gold vs. Acadia Blue

Our first National Park vs. the National Park where the sun rises first!
What was the surprise, or “break,” to start it all?

A bright red antique fire engine with sirens blasting and lights flashing? That would be enough. But it wasn’t just one fire engine, it wasn’t two or even three, it was four. They just kept coming down the road through camp. Then, from out of the woods onto Mitchell Field…moose, bear, park rangers and more. There might’ve even been a lobster! Then, two real race cars! They did a few exciting laps around the field, campers went crazy.

It was the biggest parade Greeley, PA has seen in years!
Happy 150th Anniversary to Yellowstone, and happy 91st to PFC!

Color Days lasts for 3 full days of competition with games, skits and songs all culminating in “The Sing.” To follow every score, game, and exciting moment, we have a special page designed just for PFC’s Color Days. Keep checking it for the latest news!

Let the fun and competition begin!

The Trouble with Camp…

The trouble with camp is that camp ends.

The buses pull out this morning. In an instant, camp is silent. But the air will be filled with happy memories. Pine Forest’s 90th summer has come to a close and it was one of the best ever.

Thank you campers and counselors, housekeeping and maintenance, nurses and doctors and office staff, one and all, for making it such a tremendous season.

And now it’s back to home and school. But everyone who shared this wonderful summer comes home a little different. A little better. Keep the spirit of PFC alive all year long. Stay in touch.

Pine Forest is more than a place in Greeley, PA. It’s a place in our hearts.


Let the Fun Begin!


Our 90th summer begins NOW and it’s going to be the best one ever.  Leave your worries at home. When we step onto camp grounds, we step into a summer of Pine Forest fun, “Up where the sky begins.”

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how you get here. It doesn’t matter what happened all school year long.  If your destination is Pine Forest Camp in Greeley, Pennsylvania today, you are in for the summer of your life.

As we sing every year on opening day, “We welcome you to Pine Forest, we’re mighty glad you’re here!”

And we are. Mighty glad.

PA + NY New Camper Events Were AWESOME!

Bowling together at Devon Lanes outside of Philadelphia, rock climbing at Chelsea Piers in New York, it was all about making future camp friends and meeting future bunkmates! And it was awesome! What a fabulous turnout! Our biggest EVER! This summer there will be plenty of first–time campers in Greeley, PA, so it’s an especially great time to start camp. In addition to campers, the weekend was a chance for some of our young counselors and veteran camp leaders to say hello and welcome. As we sing to you at camp “we’re mighty glad you’re here!”

Remember: June 6-7 weekend is our overnight New Camper Weekend! Stay overnight in a bunk! Enjoy camp activities! Sit around the campfire! Make real s’mores at camp! There will be many more new friends to meet. Please call the office for more information or to RSVP: 267-639-2488.

Spoiler alert: new campers, it’s going to be the best summer ever!