Beach Party!


“The problem is never the problem. The problem is our attitude about the problem” – Captain Jack Sparrow

Our attitude today was “act like it’s sunny and the sun will shine,” and sure enough it did! After two days of rain, today was the perfect day for a luau breakfast. Campers and counselors broke out their Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, and sunglasses. Amy even wore a wetsuit and snorkel gear! With Beach Boys music playing in the background, we enjoyed waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream and, drum roll please, avocado toast! By the time clean up was over, the clouds parted and the sun came out for the day. The power of positive thinking! And now we’re off, full-tilt non-stop activities all day. Horseback riders went to the ranch and Superstar Golfers went to Woodloch. All courts, fields and beaches are open!

Next up: our CAs leave for Costa Rica very early in the morning!