Color Days – Summer 2023

Color Days 2023 has begun!

And the teams are…

Gold Summer Olympics
Blue Winter Olympics

What was the surprise, or “break,” to start it all?

A helicopter was heard circling camp as Taylor Swift’s greatest hits were heard all over Greeley. The helicopter landed briefly on Lauri Field and, soon after, an escorted Lincoln limousine made its way down girls’ loop to Netsy Playhouse. Could it be?!

Campers and counselors ran to Netsy Playhouse as a Taylor Swift impersonator serenaded them with four songs — which was just a distraction as the collegiate flags were swapped out on Chadwin Court for the flags of many countries. The Olympic theme song was heard from Chadwin Court and the campers made their way to the stands.

A parade of Summer and Winter Olympic athletes followed a flaming torch around the girls’ flagpole ending at Chadwin Court where a toga-clad Chad was waiting to announce this year’s Color Days theme.

It was the biggest parade Greeley, PA has seen in years!

Color Days lasts for 3 full days of competition with games, skits and songs all culminating in “The Sing.” To follow every score, game, and exciting moment, we have a special page designed just for PFC’s Color Days. Keep checking it for the latest news!

Let the fun and competition begin!

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