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Forever Lee Forest Black


Honoring Lee Forest Black

This summer and forevermore, we will celebrate the memory of Lee Forest Black at Pine Forest Camp.
Lee would want us to be happy and enjoy life, especially at camp.

In this 90th season, we are honoring Lee in many ways:

Honoring Lee Forest Black

An Oak tree has been planted in the center of camp, the spot where the famous Friendship Tree stood for 80 years, planted by Lee’s great grandfather Uncle Hughie, our founder. Many alumni remember this sacred spot as the “Booty Tree” where campers say goodnight before heading back to boys or girls camp. At its base stands a bronze plaque memorializing “Lee’s Tree.” Someday it will tower over all of the trees surrounding it, providing shade and comfort to future generations of happy campers.

Honoring Lee Forest Black

Lee loved birds and he loved the beauty and peace of nature, especially the lake trail. Any camper interested was invited to build and decorate a unique birdhouse to line the lake trail. At last count, over two hundred bird houses have been built.

Starting with the oldest campers, a bracelet was awarded for any good deed or to acknowledge leadership on boys camp. Each bracelet is embossed with the acronym “WWLFBD,” What Would Lee Forest Black Do? These bracelets have multiplied. They’re everywhere around camp and a constant reminder to those who wear them to act with kindness and care, with goodness, friendship and love.

Hi-Seniors requested to include Lee’s initials and number on their treasured “A Game” shirts. These oldest campers all knew and loved Lee, and he knew and loved them back. Lee loved the “A Game” and played in 3. Director Eric Morin and our oldest CA campers spoke beautifully at Services Friday night, their theme was “Because of Lee…”.

But the most meaningful ways to remember Lee Forest Black, at camp and in the world, are by acting with kindness, living life with joy and humor, and looking out for one another. May we always remember the goodness of Lee Forest Black through his friendships at camp and his eternal legacy “Up Where the Sky Begins.”

Honoring Lee Forest Black

A *FLASH* of News from Boys Camp!

Eric Morin talks flashlights with Bunk Birch!

As their auction prize award Bunk Birch chose to take some quality time in their bunk with director Eric Morin as he showed them his famous flashlight collection. Turn off the lights, get out your notebooks and pens, because it’s all you need to know about flashlights.You got your Archer 2A v3, compact, small but mighty. The Manker E12  as sleek as a stiletto and of course the rechargeable TC15. Campers were mesmerized. And intertwined with the tech talk  was Eric’s story telling and jokes all  about his wilderness adventures.  Come back Eric! And bring the Super Mag light next time!

Also on boys camp. Today’s announcement about the first meeting of the “Club Club”. It’s a club to talk about and analyze all of the clubs in boys camp- there’s Jonah’s Design Club, Zach’s Soccer Club, Ethan’s Baseball Club and Mickey’s Book Club. Lots of clubs and lots going on.
Also big news on boys camp- 10 of our CA’s completed their lifeguard certification. After many hours of drills, study and demonstrations, they did it! New lifeguards and a new skill for life. Thank you gentlemen! We’re safer now!
And it wouldn’t be the 4th week of camp without the all campus wide, always exciting, exhilarating, exhausting and somewhat confusing  “Capture the Assagi”. Campers raced around boys camp looking for the secret Assagi hiding in plain sight. Did they find them? We’re not sure, but everyone had fun!
Line-Up fun
What will be Jack’s “Day of the day”, Jon’s quote of the day, Adam’s fun fact,r Poppel’s Pop Drop, or  Josh’s sports scores? Never a dull moment on PFC boys camp!

What’s Happening! Divisional Round-Up!


Junior Girls had a fun-filled week!

We are all about the lake. Canoeing, paddle boarding, beach volleyball, swimming, and climbing on the Wibits are among just a few things we enjoy. On our walk down the lake trail, we are sure to pick up a rock, spin three times, make a wish and throw it over our shoulder into Lisa’s heart-shaped pond!

Our evening activities are HUGE hit! Junior Girls joined Jaime at art for a special night making bunk plaques. Each bunk collaborated, shared ideas, and sketched plaques to represent them! We cannot wait to hang the finished products in our bunk! We also joined our Big Sisters for a fun night together singing, playing the Mostest, and making picture frames for our portraits.

This week we also took a trip to three different waterfalls! The Junior Girls hiked and enjoyed the views of the roaring waters. On the way home, we enjoyed a special treat!

We cannot wait to see what adventures are in store for our next week at camp!!!

Inter Girls

What a week it has been, running on the field and court,

The rain came in but the fun was not cut short.

Little and big sisters gathered as one,

Making picture frames and dancing we sure did have fun.

The photo scavenger hunt had us on the run through camp,

A human pyramid led the judges to a champ.

During swim, we did relays and diving for rings,

In art, we are decorating our initial letters with strings.

Canteen is a hit after evening activity,

In STEM and music, we share our creativity.

Olympic Day is quickly approaching,

Swimming, running and jumping our counselors can’t wait to be coaching.

Our wrists feel heavy with bracelets by the ton,

So much to come with the fun in the sun.

Senior Girls

Another great week is in the books for the senior girls! It started off strong with several girls participating in the 4th of July talent show and everyone having a blast at the carnival. Through all of this week’s rainy days, the girls had extra time to continue bonding with one another and enjoyed dodgeball, gymnastics, and crafts. One rainy night, the girls even dressed up their counselors as “dynamic duos” and made up backstories for their counselors as the counselors modeled their new hair, makeup, and wardrobe. It was awesome! Another huge evening activity hit this week was Guest Your Best where we found out some girls’ hidden talents. The senior girls are SO amazing and I can’t wait for another week of fun together! 

High Senior Girls

The last 2 weeks have been AMAZING up where the sky begins for the hi-senior girls. It started with the 4th of July. Everyone got all dressed up in red, white, and blue and in full spirit for the events. The 10s woke the whole camp up with music and a golf cart and the 11s planned an amazing carnival with games and activities for the rest of camp to enjoy.

Camp is in full swing now. Hi senior girls are rocking out in their leagues, preparing for their MTV night mixes, enjoying coed lake and helping out with activities all over camp. The 10s did an amazing job last Friday night leading the campfire by singing songs and talking about camp. We can’t wait for the rest of the summer!

Junior Boys

Bunk Cherry had a party in Bunk Apple for having the cleanest bunk in the Junior Division. Leagues are off and running and the boys’ competitive juices are flowing.

Inter Boys

Monday Night Flag Football evening activity has proven to be a highlight each week. The boys are thoroughly enjoying the lake and are starting to explore all the opportunities to explore the water.

Upper Camp Boys:

Senior and High Senior boys are enjoying week 3 of camp here at PFC. Leagues are in full swing, cookies are being made at Cooking, trips to Blueberry island at the lake, and we had our second social of the season. Everyone is excited for Olympics starting up and the anticipation of who will be victorious is mounting. Will it be Senegal 🇸🇳, Greece 🇬🇷, Japan 🇯🇵, or New Zealand 🇳🇿?

No Tours, Here’s Why: An Update

Hello friends and followers! We’re writing to share some news with you which we sent out into the world this morning. We have made the difficult decision not to open up camp for tours this summer. We are doing so because we’re putting the health and welfare of our current camp community first.
Please see below. And please let family and friends interested in camp know that we’ll look forward to meeting them after the summer! Thank you for your ongoing support!
The best thing about camp is our wonderful camp families: YOU! 

Dear Future Camp Families,

Thank you for your interest in Pine Forest Camp for the 2022 summer! Although it’s been a challenging year, we are thrilled to report that we’re off to a remarkably great start, our 90th under the same family ownership. Ask any camp family what a wonderful season we’re having! And we don’t take it for granted. Campers and counselors are healthy and happy, there are more new, young campers than ever before, and we are fully enrolled.

Being at camp together this summer has been nothing short of magic. And we are very grateful for the many new and re-enrollments and for the enthusiastic  interest in Summer 2022. Our most discounted tuition, “Early Bird” tuition, ends on July 31 when we expect most places to be filled. Here’s a link to save a spot at our lowest tuition, refundable through 2/1.

We have made the difficult decision not to host in-person tours at camp this summer. Our top priority is keeping our current community whole. First and foremost, we feel that tours could compromise the “bubble” that has been created with much effort and cooperation by our entire camp family. Our parents, campers and our extraordinary staff have made great sacrifices for camp to run smoothly this summer, and it’s working! And, as much as we’d like to show off camp, our staff, and most importantly our amazing, welcoming, down-to-earth campers, we do not feel that it is in their best interest to have visitors on campus. Even if vaccinated, even if wearing masks, even at a distance, we need to preserve the bubble at all costs.

In our view, keeping camp truly limited to those within our bubble is extremely important at this time. We have asked staff not to go home or to see family or friends on off days, cancelled Visiting Day for parents and grandparents, postponed overnight trips to public areas and taken every safety precaution recommended. In our opinion, it just doesn’t feel right to allow some ins and outs but others not. It is not business as usual. We want to ensure our current camp family is prioritized above all else, that they feel as though we are being fair and keeping their best interest at heart.

We’re committed to having you get to know us, and we’re excited to get to know you! Instead of an in-person visit, here is what we can offer:

1) A virtual tour of camp! We’ll be sending it out soon!
2) A zoom with the directors!
3) A LIVE virtual tour experience from camp, in a bunk or with real-live campers!
4) A visit to camp after the season or our fall open house!
5) A home visit from one of our directors!
6) A camp gathering throughout the year (we’ll keep you posted)!

Thank you for your understanding as we focus on those here in our community during this unusual summer. We hope you can trust our judgement and care and, for those reasons among others, decide to join our camp family for 2022! We look forward to prioritizing you and your future camper in 2022 and beyond!

Please, keep in touch, and we will too!

With deep appreciation and all the best from Greeley, PA,
The Black/Morin Family

Greeley Games — Going Great!

One of the best things about being part of a 3 camp Bubble is that we can have Intercamp games! This week it’s the first every “Greeley Games” competition between PFC and our brother/sister camps, Lake Owego and Timber Tops.

Here are the activities taking place for the next 3 days!




Swim Meets

Flag Football

Chess Tournament

Climbing Competition with Nafis

Ga Ga extravaganza!

Dance and Gymnastics Competition

Art Gallery Displays

Canoe Race/Regatta

Tennis tournament



And more!

Red, White, Blue and Gold!

July 4th is one of the best days at camp, so we woke up to pure excitement today! Our oldest campers woke camp up,  decked out in red, white and blue and they paraded around camp with whistles and bullhorns.

We walked into the dining room to find the entire place decorated with red, white and blue balloons and streamers. For breakfast, we had french toast with strawberries (red), whipped cream (white), and blueberries (blue) and fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts – a true PFC tradition!

We did lunch the only way we know how to on the 4th: a special meal complete with foot-long hot dogs!

The talent show did not disappoint.

The highlight of 4th of July at camp are the best fireworks display in Pike County over Mitchell Field. We always hear from alumni that July 4th reminds them of their cherished time in Greeley. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy birthday, America!

Week 1 in Review: Boys Camp!


Junior Boys

In the Junior division, the boys are quickly making new friends in and out of the bunks. They particularly enjoy spending time at the lake playing with all the toys and even some relaxation time on the beach. Sports leagues will start soon as they received their league jerseys today (Thursday). Once they put them on they didn’t want to take them off. It was very exciting. In art, they’re making bird houses that will hang throughout camp for a long time to come. If the first week is an indication of how camp will go, the junior boys are in for the summer of their lives.

Inter Boys

In the Inter division, the returning campers have welcomed the new guys with open arms. New friendships are being formed on daily basis. While the first few days and nights proved to be quite hot, the boys handled it with the maturity we all expect from 5th and 6th graders. The boys have taken to the basketball court like they never left. They can’t wait for their sports leagues to start and are already discussing which sports they’re most looking forward to. This summer is already proving to be one they won’t soon forget.

Senior Boys

Week 1 is coming to a close here up where the sky begins and the Senior Boys have already hit the ground running! Unpacking of the bunks went very smoothly, and the Senior Boys jumped into activities right away! Being in Upper Camp unlocks many new opportunities and responsibilities for campers, such as more choice periods and later lights-out, and the Seniors are taking full advantage of it; they’re making banana creme pies at Cooking, catching fish at the lake, and preparing to start their league seasons! Our first auction of the summer is coming up, so all the bunks are trying extra hard to clean their bunks to gain more points for better prizes! We hope you’re having a great summer just like your kids, and stay tuned for more exciting updates throughout the summer!

Hi-Senior Boys

The Hi-Senior Boys are off to an incredible start and it is like they never left Greeley. All of the High Senior Boys are enjoying their new found privileges like daily late sleep, later curfew, and continental breakfast. Leagues are getting ready to get going and the boys are signing up for Inter camp games vs Lake Owego. Everyone is excited for the July 4th celebration and activities. Chadwin time is a major staple for the boy’s nightly activities and everyone is meeting new people, creating new relationships, and behaving responsibly. Hopefully your summer is off to as great a start as the High Senior Boys and continues that way.

Week 1 in Review: Girls Camp!

Junior Girls

Wow! What a great first week of camp the Junior Girls had! 

We started the week off by getting to know our bunks and meeting new friends. It was a magical time to share new experiences together. We are all experts on camp after 1 week.

Junior girls also spent time learning camp songs and cheers with Lisa.  We created bunk dances and performed them! It was a huge hit! We also participated in new sports like quickball and newcomb.  One gift of camp is being a big and little sister. Each upper camper is paired with a lower camper. For three days our Junior Girls received anonymous letters and gifts from their big sisters. At our first girls’ campfire, the big and little sister pairing were revealed! 

Intermediate Girls

On Saturday we arrived with a big smile, 

Knowing we hadn’t seen our summer sisters for a while. 


Bags unpacked and beds all made, 

Our fidgets and tattoos were quickly displayed. 


We enjoyed trying something new

Like cooking, ropes, or dancing with our crew. 


For evening activity, we played statues and name that tune, 

Off to canteen for a treat under the moon. 


Working together to clean as we choose

Lilac winning the golden dustpan is the best news. 


New and old friends were united in a blink

The counselors are yelling, don’t forget water to drink.


Anonymous letters were left on our bed, 

Big sisters revealed with love that was spread.


Week one was full of lots of fun

We can’t wait for what’s to come. 


Senior Girls

The senior girls had an awesome first week as members of upper camp! After a long wait, our returning and new campers alike were so excited to find out their bunks are at the top of the girls’ camp horseshoe. They’ve loved sitting on the road outside their bunks painting nails, making string bracelets, or playing games with one another. 

The senior girls gave their all playing soccer, learning new dance routines, spinning, and staying cool in the pool and lake through the warm weather. One bunk even caught a fish at the lake! 

We’ve played some classic PFC evening activities such as the mostest, statues, and co-ed name that tune. Even more widely anticipated than our first co-ed activity of the summer was our big and little sister reveal! The girls were so excited to write letters to and eventually meet up with their little sisters. Each senior girl wrote three letters to their little sister in lower camp, gave them gifts, and sat with them at our first all-girls camp campfire of the summer. I am so proud of what great role models the senior girls have been for the younger campers! 

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks will bring for the senior girls division! 

Hi-Senior Girls

The Hi-Senior girls had an AMAZING first week back up at PFC!  The Hi-Seniors were so excited to be back in their favorite place with their best friends. The 9s are living in Lodge and the 10s, 11s, and 12s are living in Varsity. We have made some amazing memories together as a whole division already. As the oldest girls in camp, the hi-seniors have been helping out all over camp! We have been teaching dance, spin classes, yoga, and more. The hi-seniors are amazing role models for the younger girls!  Hi-seniors are having the best time planning for the 4th of July festivities, preparing their MTV night mixes, and participating in leagues and activities. They are definitely enjoying their late sleep privilege as well! We cannot wait for the rest of the summer. 

From Rain to Shine

Major pivot today!

We were expecting bad weather but, “Hallelujah!” The sun came out, so within minutes, our program leaders shifted to a full tilt, all-out regular day schedule. Hoops, swim, soccer, we got it all in!

And while the Hi-Seniors still got their treasured “late sleep,” Juniors were up and out early, as they should be.

Mail is rolling in like a tidal wave. Today Bunk Banana set the record for incoming mail. But hey, parents, please no more packages. Unless they are pre-approved by the office with essentials from home, they cannot be accepted.

Girls camp is in frenzy because tonight is the opening campfire for big and little sisters. Lots of warmth and friendship is in the air. You can feel the love!

Speaking of a frenzy, last night staff danced the night away with a late night DJ party.

And Mickey’s book club is more popular than ever. More books shipped to Greeley, PA. First three chapters to be discussed next week!

And we’re already seeing lots of red, white and blue around camp. It  looks like the sky may clear for fireworks Sunday night! Did someone say Krispy Kreme donuts for the whole camp?!