Summer Camp News and Blog

The History of the 10-Year Tree

It used to be called the “knotted tree” because high atop a tall oak tree on the way to the lake there appeared a large bulge, a huge twist at the very top. It was as if some giant, twisted the tree into a knot. For generations, PFC campers  gazed up at that knot in the sky and were amazed. One summer, a mighty storm swept across the mountaintop, with terrible thunder and wind. A bolt of lightning hit the famous knotted tree. It burst into many pieces. Incredibly the knot fell to the ground in one piece. Was it a miracle? Uncle Hughie Black, our founder, thought so and so he brought trucks to drag that enormous knot to the center of camp. He anchored it in the ground and placed a plaque for everyone who had spent 10 summers at PFC.  It became the “old-timers tree.” Today there are over 400 names on that knot.  And they will be there forever.

This year fifteen new names were added to the Old Timer’s tree.

Uncle Hughie thought it was a miracle. It still is.


Blake’s Gaga Tournament

Sometimes the best ideas come from campers and are totally original.

At PFC, you can come up with an idea for a game or a tournament and counselors/division leaders will make it happen. Blake in bunk Cedar, entering 4th grader, thought it would be exciting to organize a Gaga tournament. On his own (and with a little help from his counselors)  he conducted sign ups, devised a bracket and built a handmade wooden Gaga trophy (in the shape of a Gaga pit) to give to the winning individual, the last man standing.

There are now 48 participants, and a new PFC tradition has begun. Thank you, Commissioner and creator, Blake!

Divisional News | Lower Camp Boys

Junior boys had another great week. The inspection challenge is off and running as each bunk competes for the weekly cleanest bunk award. The winner gets a party in Bunk Apple. The weather continues to be amazing allowing the boys to take advantage of every camp activity. Virtual Visiting Day was a highlight as were the boxes each camper got to open up and share with their buddies. If the last three weeks are anywhere near as enjoyable as the first four, we’re in for a heck of a summer.

The Intermediate boys are proving why they’re as athletically driven as any division in camp. The All-Star game was enjoyed by all. The boys enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, the annual counselor Home Run Derby contest and the first few innings of the actual game. Shark Tank was an evening activity highlight as each bunk created a product for the counselors to buy shares in. Perhaps the best idea was a lollipop that had an edible stick. Virtual Visiting Day was a blast.

Good Morning, Polar Bears!

What a morning!

It’s not often that you see Hi-Senior girls up before 6:00 am in the morning, in fact it’s like never.

But today not only were they awake at sunrise,  but they were in bathing suits and soaking wet after a Polar Bear plunge in the waters of Lake Greeley. Congratulations girls! You are now officially members of the Polar Bear Club.

At the same time that our oldest girls were drying off,  our youngest campers were waking up to a cool mountain breeze and the sounds of morning doves as they emerged from an all-Juniors girls overnight in the gymnastics pavilion.   Now it’s down to the bunks to brush our teeth, breakfast and girls line up.

It’s not even 7:00 am and PFC is rockin’ and rollin’. At least the girls are.

Boys? Wake up.

Divisional News | Hi-Senior Girls

The hi-senior girls had a week filled with lots of amazing activities. One of the most favorite activities this week was Survivor Day. Each bunk was assigned a different color. They were put on a team with one bunk from every division. They were assigned an area on the lake trail. They had to build a shelter in the woods, build a fire, cook a meal, create a sign, and come up with a cheer. Everyone did an incredible job. The white team was the winner. The girls also had an amazing time during Escape from PFC. They had a bunch of different activities to complete around camp. The first five girls from each division who completed every challenge, got to escape from PFC and go get ice cream.To end our amazing week, the girls woke up on Friday at 6:00AM! Yes, that is right, 6:00AM. We did a hi-senior girls polar plunge into the lake. Each bunk got to jump off of the dock together into our amazing lake. After they plunged into the lake, they each got a warm cookie and some hot chocolate. It was a great week and we are so excited for our trips next week!

Divisional News – Week 3

Inter Boys

Week 3 is in the books! The intermediates are showing off why they’re the best division with
their excitement and positivity. College days was awesome! Wearing jerseys, hairspray, eye
black, and other accessories brought Wake Forest, Penn State, Delaware, and Alabama to
Camp! The inters had an amazing time and showed off all their skills! The boys loved the evening activities this week, whether it was basketball leagues under the lights or jeopardy at center stage. The inters know how to make each activity great! We’re almost halfway there!

Junior Boys

Junior boys had an amazing week in Greeley. Sports leagues are off and running and the evening activities are a nightly highlight. The overnight was a huge success as they all enjoyed the campfire, the treats, and sleeping under the stars. College Days provided the boys with an opportunity to join together with the upper divisions in a day’s long competition. The weather has been ideal so the campers and staff are taking every opportunity to try something new.

Senior Girls

Senior girls had an incredible third week of camp!! We went as an entire division on a hiking trip with Nafis!  College day started and we are full of spirit! We are split into our teams and are having a blast doing track and field, steeple chase, and the swim meet! We’ve had a blast with evening activities such as food factor and a boat relay!

Senior Boys

Week 3 is wrapping up here in Greeley, and things Up Where The Sky Begins are going great! The weather has been perfect, with sunny skies and cool nights all week long. The Senior Boys continued on with their leagues, and on Tuesday night the Senior Boys had a fan-favorite of basketball leagues under the lights. Senior Boys also had their first auction, where they bid on prizes using the points they earned from inspection. The boys won some awesome prizes, including Hi-Senior late sleep for Bunk Maple, double canteen for Bunk Fir, a box of Dunkin’ munchkins for Bunk Redwood, and more! On Thursday night, College Day opening ceremonies kicked off to a blazing start (literally) with the ropeburn, as well as the counselor events and tug of war. This years schools are Wake Forest, Penn State, Alabama, and University of Delaware! We can’t wait for all the exciting activities next week, including Escape from PFC, and of course our visiting day Zoom calls! See you next week!

Hi-Senior Girls

The hi-senior girls had another amazing week here at PFC. The highlight of their week was definitely college days. The teams were Wake Forest, Delaware, Alabama, and Penn State. The winner of college days for the girls was Alabama. Two of their favorite evening activities this week were food factor and space jam. Next up is MTV night on Saturday. They have been working super hard on their MTV night dances! Looking forward to another great week!

Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Penn State!  Wake Forest! Delaware! Alabama!

Tonight we held the opening ceremonies for College Day 2022. Campers and their high-energy leaders were decked out in college colors and were hootin’ and hollerin’ as they cheered each other on! First there was the solemn opening ceremony with a flaming Olympic torch and pledge. This was followed by some rousing competition.

It all ended tonight in an intense flaming rope-burning contest on Mitchell Field. Tomorrow it’s an all day track and field competition, swim meets and an all-camp Steeplechase.

Let the college spirit soar! Let the fun and games begin!

Scavenger Hunt x Capture the Asagi

When Rainbow Scavenger Hunt collides with Capture the Asagi

What a night!

If you didn’t know that it was supervised, you might think that this evening was controlled chaos at PFC. Picture Jr/Inter girls running around getting chased and “tattooed” by counselors wearing the colors of the rainbow.  At the same time, Senior boys dressed in black or white were chasing each other in an effort to capture the hidden ninja warrior captain of the opposing team.

Kind of like My Little Unicorn Pony meets Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles. Lots of screaming, cheering and dashing around laughing.

Does life get more fun and carefree than this? We don’t think so.

Divisional News – Week 2

Senior Boys

The second week was as enjoyable as the first! July 4th was a booming success. The kids loved the fireworks, inflatables, and delicious holiday-themed menu. The intermediates also stole the fourth of July talent show with some incredible acts. The best part of their day is still evening activity. The highlight of the week was the “Auction” where some great prizes were awarded thanks to the cleanliness of all the bunks (they truly do a great job cleaning). Some prizes include getting ice cream sandwiches with Hal or getting a golf cart ride down the looooong lake trail. Can’t wait for all the great days ahead!

Senior Girls

Week 2 began with fun July 4th celebrations! The day started with a lake luau! The afternoon included a carnival, pool time, and inflatable slides! The day ended with an outstanding talent show and a beautiful fireworks show! During the week, our senior 8 girls started planning the Pine Forest Banquet! They even picked a theme! The favorite evening activity this week was capture the flag! The 7s were in blue and the 8s were in black! It was a capture the flag game across all of camp! See the pictures below! They had the best spirit! The days are filled with football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball leagues. Most days include choice! Cooking, dance, spin, and gymnastics are among the favorites! On Friday night, we had an all girls campfire with delicious s’mores!

Friday Night Feels

The stars shine bright here at PFC but not as bright as the people. And you can see and feel it at our weekly all girls’ camp campfires.

You can hear the singing throughout camp , all the way up to Lauri field and down to Milligan Trail. “High in the Mountains” sends a special sense of peace and calmness to all who listen.

The first Friday night we placed the 2021 log in the 2022 fire and we will do say again next year, keeping the flame burning from one season to the next, from campfires way back and into the future. Campers young and old talked about what makes a good friend. Camp friends truly are special.

From the edge of Mitchell Field, under the stars and the pines, we send the warmth and glow of our campfire out into the world and to you.

Red, White, Blue and Gold!

July 4th is one of the best days at camp, so we woke up to pure excitement today! Our 10s came through each bunk decked out in red, white and blue and they paraded around camp with whistles and bullhorns in their decorated golf carts!

We walked into the dining room to find the entire place decorated with red, white and blue balloons and streamers. For breakfast, we had french toast with strawberries (red), whipped cream (white), and blueberries (blue) and fresh, camp-made doughnuts – a true PFC tradition!

We did lunch the only way we know how to on the 4th: a special meal complete with foot-long hot dogs!

This afternoon, we had an awesome carnival come to camp! It was complete with an inflatable obstacle course and massive inflatable waterslides!

The highlight of 4th of July at camp are the best fireworks display in Pike County over Mitchell Field. We always hear from alumni that July 4th reminds them of their cherished time in Greeley. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy birthday, America!