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Kindness Day, cont.

While our senior and hi-senior campers are having amazing adventures out of camp, our junior and inter campers are having lots of fun of their own! We’ve been immersed in Kindness Day! 

Campers participated in various activities around camp focusing on team building activities, expressing gratitude and appreciation, and mindfulness exercises. We made cards for others, worked together to help beautify camp, bonded over sing-alongs and s’mores around a campfire, and so much more! One of the most magical moments of Kindness Day was last night when all campers filled the dining hall together. Each bunk gathered around a table and every bunkmate wrote their name on a piece of paper. Then, everyone passed each piece of paper around the table until everyone ended up with a message of love and appreciation from each of their bunkmates filling their papers. No doubt these notes will be cherished forever. 

This time of camp – when upper camp gets to experience travel together and lower camp has PFC to themselves – really is such a special time for everyone. As these activities wrap up and we’re all back together again tomorrow for regularly scheduled programming, everyone’s feeling rejuvenated and excited for the final two weeks to come!

An Adventure on Blueberry Island

The weather was perfect when our 5th grade boys canoed out to Blueberry Island in the middle of Lake Greeley for their Kindness day kindness circle. Led by our intrepid leader Alli Cahill, campers and counselors formed a circle and said something kind or appreciative of the person next to them. About halfway through the inspiring exercise, it started drizzling until — without warning, a downpour of rain came crashing down upon them. Campers and counselors took shelter, huddled together and continued saying nice things about each other (!) as they weathered the storm. Soon the clouds lifted and the lifeguards paddled everyone back to our beach. A bus was waiting for them, and when they arrived back at camp, a huge cheer went up! The soaking wet campers and counselors were overjoyed to be back and the rest of camp was thrilled to see them. What a kindness day plot twist – but definitely something they’ll always remember!

Visiting Day | Summer 2023

Excitement was in the air today for our first in-person Visiting Day since 2019! And WOW! This day did not disappoint! Parents gushed over their camper’s official bunk photos, swam in the pools, tackled the Wibits at the lake, and even enjoyed a snippet of this year’s production of School of Rock at Netsy Playhouse! 

The warmth we felt wasn’t even weather-related (although we couldn’t have asked for a better day!), it was the warmth from our camp families joining us “Up Where the Sky Begins! And you know what makes the day even more special? 

So many parents who were once campers reconnecting with old camp friends. Former campers and counselors who made the trip to Greeley to spend a few hours in their favorite place with their favorite people. Our special 10 year tree ceremony where we celebrate those who have officially spent 10 summers here at camp. Noticing a trend? PFC is simply irresistible! 

We already can’t wait for Visiting Day 2024! We hope to see you there! And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Boys’ camp is busy making s’mores while girls’ camp is participating in a real favorite – MTV Night! We have a few more precious weeks to soak up all this fun!

Overnight Success

Over the course of the summer, every intermediate bunk has the chance to go on a bunk overnight. When the night comes, they pack their bags for an adventure! After dinner time, they head out to our PFC yurt where they set up their sleeping bags, toss a football or frisbee in the open field, and start a fire where they roast marshmallows and have a s’more or two!

It’s a real bonding experience for campers, and they love it! This summer, our overnight counselors have started a tradition that they do with each bunk: they bring a speaker out with them and have each camper choose a favorite song. As a bunk, they sit together and listen to each camper’s song. They can share why they love it – maybe it reminds them of a favorite memory, or a person they love. Before they know it, it’s time for flashlights and sharing stories in the yurt before they’re fast asleep. 

Our junior campers’ overnight experience is a little different and equally as fun! One night a summer, their entire division heads up to our open air gymnastics pavilion together with their sleeping bags and pillows where they have a giant sleepover party! They play games, tell stories, and roast marshmallows for s’mores of course. Who doesn’t love a sleepover with 40+ of your best friends?! Doesn’t get any better than that. 

About last night!

Play Ball! 

Our senior boys and girls had a blast at a minor league baseball game last night! They watched as the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders beat the Worcester Red Sox, 5-3. 

The weather was perfect, the game was exciting, and of course the snacks were delicious. 

Tonight, our hi-seniors will head to a game, and our junior and inter campers can’t wait until it’s their turn! 

Survivor Day

Build a shelter, cook an outdoor meal over an open fire, paint a team banner, create a cheer. It’s Survivor Day 2023! Grab your bandana, your bug spray and your sunscreen. Into the woods we go! With our fearless leaders! The green tribe built an “infinity pool” and the red tribe created their own “working” toilet — don’t worry, we didn’t try it. There were bridges built over running streams, swings, huts, miniature golf courses, baseball diamonds and more. It was Swiss Family Robinson, The Flintstones and Huckleberry Finn all rolled into one amazing day of adventure at PFC.

Survive? Campers and counselors thrived!

“Wooder” Ice

A Taste of Home OR a New Treat! 

Guess what?! Campers were delighted with a cool treat this evening, and on this hot day, we needed it! 

A Rita’s Water Ice (or is it Wooder Ice?!) truck pulled into camp and everyone got to come by and pick out their favorite flavor. In line, one camper from New York excitedly said, “I’ve NEVER had Rita’s before – I mean, I’m a New Yorker!” After some of his buddies got past their initial shock, they shared their recommended flavors, ranked in order. See, we told you we are always trying new things at camp ;). 

After this special snack, campers dispersed for their evening activities. 

Camp sure is sweet!

School of Rock (PFC’s Version)

It was a sold out show! The musical, “School of Rock,” rocked the house at Netsy Playhouse last night. Movie Star,Jack Black, would be proud (no relation to Mickey Black). There were so many campers that took the stage, there wasn’t a bunk unrepresented! Bunkmates cheered from the audience for their favorite camp “stars!” Beautiful singing, dance moves and great performances all around. A standing ovation for all! (Followed by “Taps and Friends!”) Parents, on Visiting Day, the cast will be performing select numbers from the show. Take a seat at Netsy Theater no later than 1:30 PM to catch it!

PFC Weekend: Highlight Reel!

Another PFC weekend in the books! We kicked off the weekend with Friday night services led by our oldest campers – the CAs. Our whole camp listened as they shared about what they learned in Costa Rica and what the whole experience meant to them. We heard about their time volunteering and the joy it brought them. We heard about their adventures together, and how when you’re with your camp friends, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing – it’s going to be the BEST TIME EVER. Their sense of pride and their strong bonds were apparent as they spoke, and at the end, the whole camp watched a slideshow presentation with photos and videos from their time away. What an amazing, unforgettable experience they had! 

Saturday morning we woke up to clear skies and sunshine, which has been harder to come by these days! We took full advantage of the great weather and had an action-packed day of activities. Junior girls spent the morning at the lake, and then the junior boys had their turn in the afternoon. We welcomed our PFC Explorers midday, and they had a blast checking out camp, trying new activities, and making new friends.

Today has been great too! Our inter and senior girls had their very own cheerleading clinic with an NFL cheerleader who’s visiting camp for a few days. Senior and hi-senior boys spent the morning playing basketball in a fun 3 v. 3 tournament together. Inter boys are cooling off in the lake this afternoon. We’ve got intercamp games going and campers of all ages are on the fields and courts, ready to play and have fun! 

AND! To top it all off – tonight our whole camp will gather for the play, School of Rock! Campers and counselors have been preparing for weeks, and the big event is finally here. No doubt we’ll have another action-packed week ahead, bringing us to Visiting Day. We can’t wait!

Exploring Pine Forest Camp

We’re MIGHTY glad to have our Explorers here with us this weekend! Prospective campers spent the day and night eating camp food, trying out camp activities, jumping into the lake, making new friends, singing camp songs and more. Up next: The best breakfast ever! Bagels and lox! We hope to see everybody next summer in Greeley, PA. Thank you for coming up to experience the magic of camp with us!

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