The UFG!

UFG! Ultimate Flag Grab tournament!

Here’s another PFC first. Niall, head of Martial Arts, came up with a new tournament. It’s the Ultimate Flag Grab, where one Junior/Inter camper tries to grab the flag on another camper’s belt in a confined circle of play. Kind of like wrestling meets flag football meets Gaga. And it’s one of the most popular games in camp. Niall had each contestant come up with their own UFG Name and the song for their introduction into the ring, just like the WWF.

There are about 50 “Ninjas,” with names like:

Drew, “The Penguin,” intro song, “Thunderstruck.”

Joey, “Black Dragon,” intro song, “Eye of the Tiger”

Max, “Maximus” intro song, “Right Foot Creep,”

Aiden, “Aider Gator,” intro song,  “the Macarena,”

and Jack, “J-Denk coming into the, “Final Countdown.”

And that’s just a sample!

Be nimble, be strong, be silly. It’s the UFG!

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