Week 1 in Review: Boys Camp!


Junior Boys

In the Junior division, the boys are quickly making new friends in and out of the bunks. They particularly enjoy spending time at the lake playing with all the toys and even some relaxation time on the beach. Sports leagues will start soon as they received their league jerseys today (Thursday). Once they put them on they didn’t want to take them off. It was very exciting. In art, they’re making bird houses that will hang throughout camp for a long time to come. If the first week is an indication of how camp will go, the junior boys are in for the summer of their lives.

Inter Boys

In the Inter division, the returning campers have welcomed the new guys with open arms. New friendships are being formed on daily basis. While the first few days and nights proved to be quite hot, the boys handled it with the maturity we all expect from 5th and 6th graders. The boys have taken to the basketball court like they never left. They can’t wait for their sports leagues to start and are already discussing which sports they’re most looking forward to. This summer is already proving to be one they won’t soon forget.

Senior Boys

Week 1 is coming to a close here up where the sky begins and the Senior Boys have already hit the ground running! Unpacking of the bunks went very smoothly, and the Senior Boys jumped into activities right away! Being in Upper Camp unlocks many new opportunities and responsibilities for campers, such as more choice periods and later lights-out, and the Seniors are taking full advantage of it; they’re making banana creme pies at Cooking, catching fish at the lake, and preparing to start their league seasons! Our first auction of the summer is coming up, so all the bunks are trying extra hard to clean their bunks to gain more points for better prizes! We hope you’re having a great summer just like your kids, and stay tuned for more exciting updates throughout the summer!

Hi-Senior Boys

The Hi-Senior Boys are off to an incredible start and it is like they never left Greeley. All of the High Senior Boys are enjoying their new found privileges like daily late sleep, later curfew, and continental breakfast. Leagues are getting ready to get going and the boys are signing up for Inter camp games vs Lake Owego. Everyone is excited for the July 4th celebration and activities. Chadwin time is a major staple for the boy’s nightly activities and everyone is meeting new people, creating new relationships, and behaving responsibly. Hopefully your summer is off to as great a start as the High Senior Boys and continues that way.

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