Week 1 in Review: Girls Camp!

Junior Girls

Wow! What a great first week of camp the Junior Girls had! 

We started the week off by getting to know our bunks and meeting new friends. It was a magical time to share new experiences together. We are all experts on camp after 1 week.

Junior girls also spent time learning camp songs and cheers with Lisa.  We created bunk dances and performed them! It was a huge hit! We also participated in new sports like quickball and newcomb.  One gift of camp is being a big and little sister. Each upper camper is paired with a lower camper. For three days our Junior Girls received anonymous letters and gifts from their big sisters. At our first girls’ campfire, the big and little sister pairing were revealed! 

Intermediate Girls

On Saturday we arrived with a big smile, 

Knowing we hadn’t seen our summer sisters for a while. 


Bags unpacked and beds all made, 

Our fidgets and tattoos were quickly displayed. 


We enjoyed trying something new

Like cooking, ropes, or dancing with our crew. 


For evening activity, we played statues and name that tune, 

Off to canteen for a treat under the moon. 


Working together to clean as we choose

Lilac winning the golden dustpan is the best news. 


New and old friends were united in a blink

The counselors are yelling, don’t forget water to drink.


Anonymous letters were left on our bed, 

Big sisters revealed with love that was spread.


Week one was full of lots of fun

We can’t wait for what’s to come. 


Senior Girls

The senior girls had an awesome first week as members of upper camp! After a long wait, our returning and new campers alike were so excited to find out their bunks are at the top of the girls’ camp horseshoe. They’ve loved sitting on the road outside their bunks painting nails, making string bracelets, or playing games with one another. 

The senior girls gave their all playing soccer, learning new dance routines, spinning, and staying cool in the pool and lake through the warm weather. One bunk even caught a fish at the lake! 

We’ve played some classic PFC evening activities such as the mostest, statues, and co-ed name that tune. Even more widely anticipated than our first co-ed activity of the summer was our big and little sister reveal! The girls were so excited to write letters to and eventually meet up with their little sisters. Each senior girl wrote three letters to their little sister in lower camp, gave them gifts, and sat with them at our first all-girls camp campfire of the summer. I am so proud of what great role models the senior girls have been for the younger campers! 

I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks will bring for the senior girls division! 

Hi-Senior Girls

The Hi-Senior girls had an AMAZING first week back up at PFC!  The Hi-Seniors were so excited to be back in their favorite place with their best friends. The 9s are living in Lodge and the 10s, 11s, and 12s are living in Varsity. We have made some amazing memories together as a whole division already. As the oldest girls in camp, the hi-seniors have been helping out all over camp! We have been teaching dance, spin classes, yoga, and more. The hi-seniors are amazing role models for the younger girls!  Hi-seniors are having the best time planning for the 4th of July festivities, preparing their MTV night mixes, and participating in leagues and activities. They are definitely enjoying their late sleep privilege as well! We cannot wait for the rest of the summer. 

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