Balloon Tennis in Banana


What an eventful day. We don’t let a little rain get to us at PFC! In one Sunday morning, there was a high-energy game of “Crossfire” going on in Lee’s Rink, an around the world passport creation in arts and crafts, kickboxing lessons in martial arts, human Etch-a-Sketch in Marvin Hall, an athletic screening for basketball leagues in Hughie Hall, and a new interview show in media. But wait, there’s more! There were lemon cupcakes with butter cream frosting warming up in cooking, hip hop dance lessons to Ariana Grande in dance, a peaceful yoga class, rope jumping in fitness, and tumbling in gymnastics. Even with all of these activities going on, the boys in Bunk Banana couldn’t stop talking about a game they invented in the middle of their  bunk called “Balloon Tennis.” Apparently, if you tape the floor, blow up a balloon and hit it back and forth with your new camp friends, it’s pretty awesome.  Sometimes, even with all that PFC has to offer, it’s the simplest, least planned, homemade fun, that is the best of all. Welcome to bunk life!