Laundry, Wacky Wednesday & More

There’s opening day, the 4th of July, College Day, Visiting Day, Color Days, but there’s no more exciting day at camp than — drum roll, please…


Today was our first laundry day of Summer 2023 and it went down without a hitch. Every bunk had their bags out by breakfast and by evening, as if by magic, the laundry was returned! Clean and “folded.”

Clean underwear, clean sheets, ahh. It doesn’t get much better than this!

It was also Wacky Wednesday! We broke out our wackiest outfits and tonight it’s the Big and Little Sister all girls camp event. Surprise, meet your big sister! She can’t wait to see you. Big/Little Sister-themed crafts, photos, songs, and ice cream cake. Our spirits are high, our sisterhood is strong.

There may be a heat wave across the country, but it’s chilly up here. Longs and longs tonight. Great sleeping weather. (In our CLEAN pajamas!)

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