Good Morning, Polar Bears!

What a morning!

It’s not often that you see Hi-Senior girls up before 6:00 am in the morning, in fact it’s like never.

But today not only were they awake at sunrise,  but they were in bathing suits and soaking wet after a Polar Bear plunge in the waters of Lake Greeley. Congratulations girls! You are now officially members of the Polar Bear Club.

At the same time that our oldest girls were drying off,  our youngest campers were waking up to a cool mountain breeze and the sounds of morning doves as they emerged from an all-Juniors girls overnight in the gymnastics pavilion.   Now it’s down to the bunks to brush our teeth, breakfast and girls line up.

It’s not even 7:00 am and PFC is rockin’ and rollin’. At least the girls are.

Boys? Wake up.

Divisional News | Hi-Senior Girls

The hi-senior girls had a week filled with lots of amazing activities. One of the most favorite activities this week was Survivor Day. Each bunk was assigned a different color. They were put on a team with one bunk from every division. They were assigned an area on the lake trail. They had to build a shelter in the woods, build a fire, cook a meal, create a sign, and come up with a cheer. Everyone did an incredible job. The white team was the winner. The girls also had an amazing time during Escape from PFC. They had a bunch of different activities to complete around camp. The first five girls from each division who completed every challenge, got to escape from PFC and go get ice cream.To end our amazing week, the girls woke up on Friday at 6:00AM! Yes, that is right, 6:00AM. We did a hi-senior girls polar plunge into the lake. Each bunk got to jump off of the dock together into our amazing lake. After they plunged into the lake, they each got a warm cookie and some hot chocolate. It was a great week and we are so excited for our trips next week!

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