Divisional News – Week 3

Inter Boys

Week 3 is in the books! The intermediates are showing off why they’re the best division with
their excitement and positivity. College days was awesome! Wearing jerseys, hairspray, eye
black, and other accessories brought Wake Forest, Penn State, Delaware, and Alabama to
Camp! The inters had an amazing time and showed off all their skills! The boys loved the evening activities this week, whether it was basketball leagues under the lights or jeopardy at center stage. The inters know how to make each activity great! We’re almost halfway there!

Junior Boys

Junior boys had an amazing week in Greeley. Sports leagues are off and running and the evening activities are a nightly highlight. The overnight was a huge success as they all enjoyed the campfire, the treats, and sleeping under the stars. College Days provided the boys with an opportunity to join together with the upper divisions in a day’s long competition. The weather has been ideal so the campers and staff are taking every opportunity to try something new.

Senior Girls

Senior girls had an incredible third week of camp!! We went as an entire division on a hiking trip with Nafis!  College day started and we are full of spirit! We are split into our teams and are having a blast doing track and field, steeple chase, and the swim meet! We’ve had a blast with evening activities such as food factor and a boat relay!

Senior Boys

Week 3 is wrapping up here in Greeley, and things Up Where The Sky Begins are going great! The weather has been perfect, with sunny skies and cool nights all week long. The Senior Boys continued on with their leagues, and on Tuesday night the Senior Boys had a fan-favorite of basketball leagues under the lights. Senior Boys also had their first auction, where they bid on prizes using the points they earned from inspection. The boys won some awesome prizes, including Hi-Senior late sleep for Bunk Maple, double canteen for Bunk Fir, a box of Dunkin’ munchkins for Bunk Redwood, and more! On Thursday night, College Day opening ceremonies kicked off to a blazing start (literally) with the ropeburn, as well as the counselor events and tug of war. This years schools are Wake Forest, Penn State, Alabama, and University of Delaware! We can’t wait for all the exciting activities next week, including Escape from PFC, and of course our visiting day Zoom calls! See you next week!

Hi-Senior Girls

The hi-senior girls had another amazing week here at PFC. The highlight of their week was definitely college days. The teams were Wake Forest, Delaware, Alabama, and Penn State. The winner of college days for the girls was Alabama. Two of their favorite evening activities this week were food factor and space jam. Next up is MTV night on Saturday. They have been working super hard on their MTV night dances! Looking forward to another great week!

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