An action-packed first day!

Camp is off to a GREAT start! If it weren’t for the fresh haircuts and shiny, new sneakers, you wouldn’t even know that the summer has only just begun! On day one, friends picked up exactly where they left off – making jokes, shooting hoops, singing songs in the dining hall, and calling each other by their camp-exclusive nicknames, of course. New campers jumped right in, too, and within a few hours, you couldn’t tell a new camper from a returning one. Everyone was busy with activities right until their heads hit the pillow last night, with fun evening programs planned for each division. 

Of course, our first full day has been action-packed. Our youngest campers had the chance to visit the lake, and they had a blast both in the water and on the beach with friends. One junior proudly shared, “I tried the canoe for the first time ever, and it was SO fun!” No doubt there were so many other firsts happening today. We’re playing sports, visiting all of our amazing choice activities, trying out the ropes course, and of course swimming (which has been especially exciting as girls camp gets to spend time at the new and improved girls’ pool!).

What an amazing 24 hours it’s been! Everywhere we turn, we’re reminded of the magic of camp: true friendships that stand the test of time, opportunities to try new activities and feel proud of ourselves, and so much more. 

We can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! 

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