The Moments in Between

Camp is action-packed with fun activities everyday! Campers have been bouncing around from tennis to cooking to basketball to arts and crafts…and SO much more. There’s no shortage of fun to be had. 

There’s also so much magic in the time in between all of those activities. Here’s just one example. Everyday campers have “hobby time” after dinner, when they can play games together, spend time with campers and counselors in different bunks/age groups, catch up with a sibling, and more.

The other day, as hobby time came to an end, a group of junior boys excitedly approached Hal (head of boys’ camp) to share that they spent their time at Netsy Playhouse creating a play together! They were so excitedly sharing the details so it was hard to catch it all, but there was definitely talk of magical flying squirrels, super powers, and more! They’ve since written out an entire script, gone up to art together to paint backgrounds for their set, and recruited even more friends to help with backstage lights and sound. They boys have decided to continue practicing, and then they’ll share their play with other campers soon. They can’t wait! 

There are countless other moments everyday where campers are strengthening friendships, working together, and supporting each other…

Campers walking arm in arm as they head back to their bunks from the dining hall. Campers spending their free time teaching a friend how to shoot a lay-up on the basketball courts. Campers waiting outside of the dining hall after a meal to quickly check in with a sibling, and to tell them they love them. Campers sitting on each other’s beds, telling stories, painting each other’s nails, or playing cards. Campers of all age groups playing ping-pong together, throwing a football, or playing knock hockey. Campers checking on one another after a bee sting or skinned knee. The list goes on and on. 

While we sure do love all of our activities here at camp, these moments are pretty special, too, and they’re often the ones that we remember long after the summer comes to an end.

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