The History of the 10-Year Tree

It used to be called the “knotted tree” because high atop a tall oak tree on the way to the lake there appeared a large bulge, a huge twist at the very top. It was as if some giant, twisted the tree into a knot. For generations, PFC campers  gazed up at that knot in the sky and were amazed. One summer, a mighty storm swept across the mountaintop, with terrible thunder and wind. A bolt of lightning hit the famous knotted tree. It burst into many pieces. Incredibly the knot fell to the ground in one piece. Was it a miracle? Uncle Hughie Black, our founder, thought so and so he brought trucks to drag that enormous knot to the center of camp. He anchored it in the ground and placed a plaque for everyone who had spent 10 summers at PFC.  It became the “old-timers tree.” Today there are over 400 names on that knot.  And they will be there forever.

This year fifteen new names were added to the Old Timer’s tree.

Uncle Hughie thought it was a miracle. It still is.


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