The Tent Has Arrived!


The tent is officially going up which means Visiting Day is just days away! We can’t wait to see everyone! A few reminders as you prepare for your favorite day of summer:

Campers will be waiting for you on the porch of their cabin with their counselors. Parents, walk…don’t run!  The Hi-Senior girls (grades 9-10) will be at Netsy Playhouse. If you’re late, don’t worry, the counselors will stay with their campers until every family arrives.

Once again, we’d like to remind you that we do not allow food containing nuts into camp, and our policy is to dispose of all Visiting Day treats on Monday, so don’t overdo the food!  Camp will provide a delicious lunch for all!

Please keep in mind that only Counselor Assistants, “CAs” (11th Graders) are permitted out of camp on Visiting Day, and they must sign out and back into camp at the front office.  CAs are allowed out no earlier than 12:30PM and must be back in camp by 5:00PM.

Visiting Day Activities
11:30-3:00PM Courts & Fields Open
1:00PM – 2:30PM Ropes Open
12:00PM-2:30PM Boys & Girls Pool Open

Featured Activities
1:00PM Basketball Clinic on Chadwin Court with Chad
1:00PM Gymnastics Showcase
1:30PM Beauty and the Beast Review at Netsy Playhouse
2:00PM 10 Year Tree Ceremony

One more reminder: Cell phones will be returned on the last day of camp, August 13th, not on Visiting Day.

Get ready for a fabulous, fun day!