Welcome to the Club!

After an incredibly close Color Days, we’re back to PFC united as one! We had a much needed late sleep and bunk Chestnut had “Breakfast with Borowsky,” something they won on Visiting Day for having the cleanest bunk. They enjoyed baked goods and egg and cheese sandwiches on toasted bagels in boys office which sounds like the perfect post-Color Days meal to us! The whole camp had an open choice period and a day full of league playoffs.

After lunch, we had our annual Old Timers Club (OTC) party! Any camper or counselor who has attended PFC for three years or more is officially a member. We celebrate with a cheerfest and ice cream party and today’s party was a blast! At the end, everyone received the much anticipated Old Timers gift which was a PFC mason jar cup. Cool!

A big highlight for tonight is the all girls dance party. The theme is “twinning” and they are twinning with their big/little sisters. We can’t wait to see their looks!