Divisional News – Week 1

Junior Boys

Junior Boys in the past week have been exploring a whole new world of activities. From climbing on the ropes tower to building fires at outdoor rec. At night we had an auction where the bunks won a variety of prizes from a golf cart ride to the lake, to a party in bunk apple. It’s been an amazing adventure the last week with many more adventures to come.
Junior Girls

Junior girls had a fantastic start to camp! We are quick to make new friends and find our way around camp. Discovering our colorful bunks and areas in the bunk is super exciting. We are busy from morning to night with sports, art, swim, and evening activities. Our favorite things to do when we have free time are to write letters, trade sticker beans, and go to the ‘spa’.

We were so excited to meet our big sisters! Each junior girl is paired with a senior girl as a big sister. The sent us anonymous letters giving us clues. At the big reveal we created an art project, took matching outfit photographs, and got to know each other over a special treat. Junior girls are learning how to be team players and showcase sportsmanship during our league games and athletic clinics. Tennis is also a big hit!!

We can’t wait to see what next week brings! J-U-N-I-O-R-S juniors juniors we’re the best!

Inter Boys

After this first week, it is abundantly clear that the intermediate boys are having a special summer. The positive attitude and copious amounts of energy that they bring to each activity makes each one awesome; some of their favorite activities include ropes, going down to the lake, and basketball leagues. The boys ordinarily find that evening activity is the best part of the day. Whether they are playing classics like “Statues”, or even “Bingo” on rainy days, their positivity makes each activity great. Leagues officially started and camp has really gotten into the swing of things. We’re all looking forward to continuing this already amazing summer! 

Inter Girls

On Saturday we arrived with a big smile,

Knowing we hadn’t seen our summer sisters for a while.

Bags unpacked and beds all made,

Our fidgets and tattoos were quickly displayed.

We enjoyed trying something new

Like cooking, ropes, or dancing with our crew.

For evening activity, we played statues, capture the flag, singdown, and BINGO.

Than it’s off to canteen for a treat through the window.

Working together to clean up our towels and shoes

Daisy winning the golden dustpan is the best news.

New and old friends were united in a blink

The counselors are yelling, don’t forget water to drink.

Anonymous letters were left on our bed,

Big sisters revealed with love that was spread.

The start of the summer was full of lots of fun

We can’t wait for see what has yet to come.


Senior Boys

Hello from the Senior Boys! The first two weeks of camp have been off to a great start – all of our leagues are underway and campers have been having a blast at their activities! The Senior Boys have been working extra hard to keep their bunks clean, as the cleanest bunk each week gets a chance to spin the Wheel of Winners to get an awesome prize. This week, Bunk Maple got to spin the wheel and won a golf cart ride to and from the lake! The Senior 8’s also began to plan the annual banquet with the girls, and decided upon their theme for this year (you’ll just have to wait and find out what it is!). With awesome only-at-PFC activities, such as Counselor Hunt, coming up in the next week, the Senior Boys are off to a great start, and it’s only just the beginning!

Senior Girls

The senior girls had the best first week at Pine Forest!! The girls spent the first day unpacking their things, setting up their area, and getting to know their amazing counselors! The senior bunks are cozy, fun, and inviting! They are full of stuffed animals, photos from home, and LED or fairy lights! The first night was an all time favorite evening activity of The Mostest! Other popular evening activities the first week of camp included a photo scavenger hunt, Jukebox with the high senior girls, Name that Tune, and my personal favorite, Lip Sync Battle! Although the senior girls had a blast at all of our senior girl evening activities, I believe their favorite was the famous big and little sister reveal! All week, the senior girls wrote letters and made bracelets for their new camp little sisters. They secretly left their letters and bracelets on their little sister’s bed! The big reveal included big and littles in matching outfits, a photo session, art activity, ice cream, and more. During the day, the girls were having fun all across camp playing volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, football, and more! The girls explored different choice period options such as dance, drama, STEM, pickleball, beach volleyball and so much more! Friday night services were led by our very own bunk Laurel!

Hi-Senior Girls

The hi-senior girls had an incredible past week. The 10s started the week off strong on July 4th by waking up the entire camp in their red, white and blue spirit. They ran an amazing carnival and had so much fun. The “pie a friend” station was definitely a big hit. The hi-senior girls have been enjoying all of the evening activities. The top evening activity so far was when the 9s and 10s played knee hockey. They had the best time playing against each other and got super competitive. We can’t wait for all the fun things planned this summer!

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