One More Sleep!

Dear Pine Forest Families,

From Vermont to Miami. From LA to NYC. Today and tonight, all across the country and the world, children are getting ready to go to Pine Forest Camp. And tomorrow we welcome them, with open arms, big smiles and high fives. And with high hopes too, for each and every camper. 

For some parents we know that your hearts are beating a little faster,  that you might be fighting back tears of both excitement and nervousness, that you’re holding your camper a little tighter and doing your best to stay calm. We also know it’s so much easier said than done to try to play it cool (which we recommend you try)!

We want to tell you that we’re ready for your children, and that you’ve made the best choice in choosing Pine Forest. After 92 seasons and five generations you can count on us.

We’ve trained our counselors on everything from first aid to kindness. We’ve role-played difficult situations and every day camp situations. We’ve read and re-read your confidential forms and notes. We’ve meticulously arranged bunks, made welcome signs, and put the final touches on activity areas. Try to keep goodbyes short and sweet, and if you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts call or email us any time. We’re here for you children, but we’re here for you too!

Good luck in these final moments and know that the gifts of camp you’re giving are immeasurable. When your children step off their buses and cars, we’ll be waiting and ready to give them the best summer of their lives.

Dream big tonight campers! Our job is to make those dreams come true.

Bring on SUMMER 2023!

P.S. This will be the first of our camp blogs! Look for them here: Uncle Hughie and the News named after “Uncle” Hughie Black, our founder! Make sure to check back for all camp happenings!

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