First Drizzly, Frizzy Day

You know that counselors are doing a great job when their campers emerge for breakfast (and PCR Covid testing) wearing raincoats and it’s only a drizzle. Not to mention all campers have brushed their teeth. (Hey, it’s not an automatic, they need reminders!)

So here’s the latest buzz this morning on this first day of July!

Junior boys’ animal sightings to date:

Water snake








Junior girls and boys favorite meal:

Breakfast and in particular pancakes and hot chocolate, both with whipped cream

Favorite evening activities

“Hyper space- lots of rules, don’t ask, think capture the flag, meets  hide and seek, meets hare and hound

Sing Down (socially distanced of course)

Dodgeball (Pretty funny, it’s as old school and simple as you get but Lower Camp leader Adam Slansky said that there were more “what if “ questions than you can ever imagine)

For some reason, Girls bunk Honeysuckle decided to call their very cool counselor “Alex” from Texas “Rachel”, not sure why, but they all seem to think it’s pretty funny

Speaking of  great counselors, Madison, this year’s music counselor and Musical Theater major is awesome. She’s getting ready for the first talent show.

Upcoming special events:

July 4th celebration

Greeley Games


Stay tuned.

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