Divisional News – Week 2

Senior Boys

The second week was as enjoyable as the first! July 4th was a booming success. The kids loved the fireworks, inflatables, and delicious holiday-themed menu. The intermediates also stole the fourth of July talent show with some incredible acts. The best part of their day is still evening activity. The highlight of the week was the “Auction” where some great prizes were awarded thanks to the cleanliness of all the bunks (they truly do a great job cleaning). Some prizes include getting ice cream sandwiches with Hal or getting a golf cart ride down the looooong lake trail. Can’t wait for all the great days ahead!

Senior Girls

Week 2 began with fun July 4th celebrations! The day started with a lake luau! The afternoon included a carnival, pool time, and inflatable slides! The day ended with an outstanding talent show and a beautiful fireworks show! During the week, our senior 8 girls started planning the Pine Forest Banquet! They even picked a theme! The favorite evening activity this week was capture the flag! The 7s were in blue and the 8s were in black! It was a capture the flag game across all of camp! See the pictures below! They had the best spirit! The days are filled with football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball leagues. Most days include choice! Cooking, dance, spin, and gymnastics are among the favorites! On Friday night, we had an all girls campfire with delicious s’mores!

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