An Adventure on Blueberry Island

The weather was perfect when our 5th¬†grade boys canoed out to Blueberry Island in the middle of Lake Greeley for their Kindness day kindness circle. Led by our intrepid leader Alli Cahill, campers and counselors formed a circle and said something kind or appreciative of the person next to them. About halfway through the inspiring exercise, it started drizzling until — without warning, a downpour of rain came crashing down upon them. Campers and counselors took shelter, huddled together and continued saying nice things about each other (!) as they weathered the storm. Soon the clouds lifted and the lifeguards paddled everyone back to our beach. A bus was waiting for them, and when they arrived back at camp, a huge cheer went up! The soaking wet campers and counselors were overjoyed to be back and the rest of camp was thrilled to see them. What a kindness day plot twist – but definitely something they’ll always remember!

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