“We’ve got a lot going on at the moment.”

It’s a Swiftie Summer!

If you’re following along on our social media platforms, you may have seen that a few nights ago, girls’ camp had their very own Eras Tour! We gathered together at Netsy Playhouse where we had live performers singing and playing guitar, some amazing lip syncing, banner-making fun, AND!…we even got to dress up our counselors (always a camper fave ;)). Then boys’ camp got in on the fun and blasted Taylor’s Version of Speak Now all day on the day it was released. 

To top it all off, after the new Speak Now release, our hi-senior girls had a Listening Party for their evening activity, where they dressed in different colors to represent their favorite era, made friendship bracelets together, danced their hearts out in the rain, belted out their favorite songs, and they ended the night with an ice cream treat. Doesn’t get much better than that!

After all of this excitement, one camper shared, “Well! It’s officially official – I’m DEFINITELY a Swiftie now!” Hard not to be after all of this fun!

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