Overnight Success

Over the course of the summer, every intermediate bunk has the chance to go on a bunk overnight. When the night comes, they pack their bags for an adventure! After dinner time, they head out to our PFC yurt where they set up their sleeping bags, toss a football or frisbee in the open field, and start a fire where they roast marshmallows and have a s’more or two!

It’s a real bonding experience for campers, and they love it! This summer, our overnight counselors have started a tradition that they do with each bunk: they bring a speaker out with them and have each camper choose a favorite song. As a bunk, they sit together and listen to each camper’s song. They can share why they love it – maybe it reminds them of a favorite memory, or a person they love. Before they know it, it’s time for flashlights and sharing stories in the yurt before they’re fast asleep. 

Our junior campers’ overnight experience is a little different and equally as fun! One night a summer, their entire division heads up to our open air gymnastics pavilion together with their sleeping bags and pillows where they have a giant sleepover party! They play games, tell stories, and roast marshmallows for s’mores of course. Who doesn’t love a sleepover with 40+ of your best friends?! Doesn’t get any better than that. 

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