Meanwhile, in Boys’ Camp!

Soccer and basketball intercamp games yesterday, leagues today and Hughie Black hoops tournament practice this afternoon. (Named after our founder and professional basketball player, Hughie Black)

And our first camp show  “School of Rock” try outs along with July 4th talent show. Lots of talent on boys camp! Standup comedians, break dancers, jugglers, musicians  and more.

Big news today: Bunk Locust survived and thrived on the first overnight hike. Through the woods to the hidden yurt set in a beautiful pine grove.  And they made it! Locust campers looked happy but a little scruffy this morning. And very excitedly announced three salamander sightings at the campsite.   

And our fearless leader, Hal Schwartz, continues to come up with interesting daily “Did you know?” facts at line up. Did you know, that a dollop of toothpaste is called a “nurdle? A good reminder to brush our teeth! And, the last letter of the alphabet to be invented was the “J.” Go figure.

Hey “uniors” (i.e. “J”uniors), did you get use a “nurdle” this morning?

Boys camp rocks!

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