Welcome, TOP Cooks Camp!

We are so happy our Seniors and Hi-Seniors are home safely from their trips!  We’re all back together again and even enjoyed popsicles after dinner!  Our 7th graders relaxed in the Adirondacks, the 8th graders enjoyed Ben and Jerry’s in Burlington, Vermont, the 9th graders enjoyed a Red Sox game, and our 10th graders bobsledded like Olympic gold medalists.

We’re holding TOP Cooks Camp at Pine Forest this week.  Campers from all over came together to spend time with our fabulous campers and learn about cooking!  Today, Philadelphia’s own Chef Poon put on a culinary performance in the Dining Hall making wontons, dumplings, and watermelon sculptures!
We love having our TOP Cooks campers in Greeley for the week and anxiously await taste-testing whatever they whip up in the kitchen tomorrow!