“Be silly, be fun, be different, be wacky. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.” 

Today was our first Wacky Wednesday of the summer and the campers (and staff!) sure got creative with their outfits. The wackier, the better!

Tonight, bunk Zinnia is going out on the very first overnight hike led by Tembe, “Mr. T”, and it’s going to be a beautiful starry Pocono Mountain night. Mr. T promises to teach some new songs at the campfire and then it’s time to hunker down in your Yurt, girls. You’ll sleep well. It’s early morning wake-up in the woods and outdoor breakfast. Speaking of outdoor breakfasts, today was our first outdoor grove breakfast with bunks Maple, Birch and Buttercup enjoying made-to-order eggs in Barbara’s Bar B Q pit. There was lots of Lacrosse on Mitchell Field today including Lexi J, “attacker”, in full pink gear with matching eye guard, lacrosse sticks, gloves and shorts.

And there was a big announcement yesterday (in addition to Junior towel service)! This year’s first show will be (drum roll please)… Beauty and the Beast! Try-outs have already begun! Everybody gets in! Or in the words of Lumiere, “Be our Guest!”

While we were being wacky in Greeley, our 11th graders were settling into their camp in Maui! Aloha, people! We can’t wait to hear (and share!) their updates.

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