Visiting Day Vibes

It’s the day after Visiting Day. The tents are still up and so is our spirit. What a day it was!  17 new names added to the 10 year tree, a  celebration of Chad’s 50 summers at PFC and most of all a camp full of happy families. Thanks to every parent, sibling, grandparent, alumni and friend who attended PFC’s 88th Visiting Day. It was a perfect day!

And thank you for the record breaking early enrollments. It was the highest early registration ever! Amazing! We appreciate the vote of confidence.

After the last car left Mitchell Field, camp got back to “normal” and reignited for high energy evening activities, girls to MTV night, boys to a rousing campfire. Even our Explorers got into the act (and fell fast asleep when they got back to the bunk!)

There’s a little rain today but the good vibes from yesterday and all of the excitement that lies in store will carry us through these last great weeks of summer!


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