To Blueberry Island and Back

For Huckleberry Finn, it was the Mississippi River. For Marty McFly, it was a time travel in the DeLorean, and to Luke Skywalker it was a Galaxy “far, far away”. But to Senior boys today, it was a canoe trip to the mysterious, enchanted Blueberry Island in the middle of Lake Greeley. Off they went, into the murky waters of the lake. They paddled past other campers on sailboats, kayaks, and water bikes until they vanished into the distance. Onward they paddled. The rocky coast soon loomed large. You could hear the bullfrogs as the lake waters lapped up against the rocky shores of the deserted island. You could smell the pine needles of the trees that bent low over the water’s edge. And then they saw them, in the brushes along the coast, the wild blueberry bushes that they sought. They reached into them, plucked a few, put them in a cup, and brought them back. Their cheers rang out “Blueberries for breakfast! We’ll put them in our pancakes!”

They returned to shore, tired but happy, blueberries in hand.