Three Falls!

There must be some sort of legend that states something along the lines of, ‘if you visit three waterfalls in one day, you will be granted eternal youth, or at the very least…Extra canteen.’

But, all that comes to mind is TLC’s 90’s R&B anthem, “Waterfalls”. A song heard in many bunks throughout camp in the summer of 1995. A ‘summer song’ if there ever was one.

In any case, the Hi Senior boys of Bunk Pine spent the larger part of yesterday hiking the area’s most serene waterfalls: Shohola, Bushkill and Raymondskill Falls with Nafis.

Later in the day you could find the boys drinking pop, eating soft pretzels and watching the MLB All-Star Game. And the girls, a big sister/little sister extravaganza!

But, alas, nothing beats camp. Not even waterfalls, soft pretzels and pop.

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