Things to ponder this holiday weekend…!

Who will the Counselors be in bunk Daisy?

Why are the boys in Bunk Banana always so wild and crazy?

Who will the fastest ‘man’ & ‘woman’ in camp be on College Day?

What new additions will Barbara add to the camp menu?

What will this years 85th Color Days themes be?

Who will win the 2015 5K Camper Scamper?

What will be the summer song of PFC 2015?

What riddle should Lisa tell at the first line-up?

What will be the schools in this years College Day competition?

What will the camp shows be?

Who will win the ‘much anticipated, often imitated, but certainly never duplicated’ Junior Skeeter Swift?

Will Craig Wallace’s hair still be blonde?

Will I finish a whole bottle of shampoo?

Are there really blueberries on Blueberry Island?

Will the ice cream truck break down?

Will ‘Dusty’ still be there?

Will I find a salamander?

Will I be in a Color Days skit?

Who goes up on the 10-Year Tree this summer?

Does the sky really begin at Pine Forest?

Do the stars shine brighter there?

Are we there yet?