The Best is Yet to Come!

It must be August.

Last night, for the first time, you could hear them…crickets. They’re back.  Just as darkness fell you could hear a few. Soon it will be a symphony of sound.  It’s a sure sign that the last chapter of camp has begun. Only two weeks of fun left, the Camp show, Color Days, Play-offs, the Banquet, Candlelight ceremony and more. It’s a lot to squeeze in just 14 days, but we’re ready!

Today was another beauty. It was a great day for the lake, water-skiing, horseback riding and leagues. And the sign went up for the Color Days theme contest! Here are a few (these are actual suggestions):

The silly ones:

Stuffed rigatoni vs. Baked Ziti

Messy  vs. Clean

Ducks vs. Sky

Underwear vs. Socks


And some that could work:

Cold vs. Hot

Earth vs. Space

Ice vs. Sun

Angels vs. Devils

DC Comics vs. Marvel


Get ready for surprise. Get ready for excitement. Get ready for fun.