Survivor Day!

Today was the highly anticipated Survivor Day and what a great day it was! The whole camp was split up into 8 teams (4 girls teams and 4 boys teams) led by our Key Staff and Outdoor Rec staff. The teams were purple, green, orange and red and everyone got a bandana of their team color. The girls teams were stationed along Ted’s Trail, which is located behind the Mitchell Field campfire site and the boys teams were stationed up and down the lake trail. Each team had to come up with a team name, prepare and cook a meal on a campfire, create a shelter/campsite, make a flag or banner representing their team, and create a chant or a cheer for their team. They had about two hours to complete these tasks before they were judged.

They were judged on the following:

-The areas used for fire, cooking, cleanup and dining
-Only using things from nature
-Campcraft skills applied and safety in all areas
-Site beautification and practicality
-Site cleanup and restoration to natural site

Some campsites were so creative that they added moss carpet, a game room, bathroom, music area, and an outdoor swing set! All of the judges walked away loving each meal. Most meals were three courses, including an appetizer or soup, a main course, and of course, a dessert! There was guacamole dip for pretzel sticks, chicken mushroom soup, pasta salad with tomatoes, green peppers and egg, chicken and vegetable shish kabobs, and amazing desserts like chocolate, marshmallow and caramel drizzled over cooked bananas, as well as blueberries and strawberries topped with homemade whipped cream – YUM! We’d say they “survived”!