Strike a Pose: InterCamp Baseball and Bunk Pictures!

It was a crazy day here at PFC! Our boys went down the road to play baseball in a Pike County Athletic Association away game but after a few innings had a rain delay. Campers were in their camp shirts as they quickly posed for “official” bunk photographs (to be given out on Visiting Day to all families!) and headed out to activities. Lots of smiles, that’s for sure!

The sun broke through and beach volleyball was in full swing. Practice began for the first-ever camper-counselor tennis tournament; even our own 89-year-old Uncle Marvin Black had a partner when Senior Boy Justin P. (whose grandfather went to PFC back in the 1950’s!) asked Marv to be his partner. Justin and Marv are practicing to win the tournament.

Jr. boys paddled to Blueberry Island, Bunk Sunflower departed for their overnight…All normal stuff here at camp!

photo 3-4 2014-07-14 13.46.26