Spontaneous Dance Party!

At about 9:00pm last night, if you were walking down Junior Alley, you could hear a beat coming from the only bunk with all of its lights on: Elm. The closer you came to the bunk, the louder the beat got. Looking in the windows, you could see heads bopping and hear hands clapping. Open the door and it was bedlam; break dancing, bed jumping, high fives, and a lot of laughter. It was a full on, all Junior boys, spontaneous, dance off! Who was the coolest, the silliest, the wackiest? Check out those moves! Counselors too. The joint was jumpin’! Finally, Division Leader Matt told them they had to go to bed. And so they stopped dancing…until they COULDN’T and the next dance-off broke out! Stay tuned!

And in the meantime, “everybody form a line”!


This just in! Our weather camera was featured on our local NBC affiliate’s weather report this morning! Awesome!