Sounds of Summer


Hi, From Camp!

There are lots of sounds that make me happy- great music, the songs of birds in the morning, the crackle of a campfire at night. But there’s one sound that we hear only once each year and it fills us with joy, excitement and anticipation.

Last week, Barbara and I went up to Greeley (the temperature was down into the 30s at night!) to open the doors for our first guests of the season. Not our regular PFC campers just yet! It was the Spence School from NYC, whose students and teachers arrived for a few days of team building and discovery at Pine Forest.

When we walked into the dining room for the first meal of the season (PFC Chef Dave Lang’s special BBQ chicken), we heard it. The sounds of children back at camp. Oh, what a happy sound! Laughter, cheers, applause. That’s what we look forward to and work towards all year long. They may not be our “true campers” who arrive on June 27th, but after a long winter, Pine Forest has come alive with the sound of children having fun. And that’s the best sound of all.