Singing in the Rain (With Lisa Fayne!)

Last night after dinner and after the boys headed back to their bunks, a short but heavy rain passed over the PFC dining room just as the girls were finishing up. The counselors passed out ponchos to all for the walk down to their bunks. But instead of heading back, Lisa Fayne, wearing a PFC bucket hat, jumped up on a chair and started an all girls camp sing-along.  Soon old timers were teaching new campers all of the great camp songs of the past. The storm broke, the sun came out, but the girls camp didn’t move. They were too busy singing at the top of their lungs! It was sheer joy!  Sometimes the best times at camp come unexpectedly. All it takes is a chance to let loose.

One thought on “Singing in the Rain (With Lisa Fayne!)

  1. Absolutely amazing Lisa!!! You are the best! Giving these girls the PFC feeling is a gift that can never be taken away!

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