PFC Mud Run 2014!

Are you afraid of the mud? Not us.

Bunk by bunk, PFC campers made their way throughout camp, conquering various obstacles. Some muddy, some not, made by our maintenance staff and overseen by the athletic staff! The girls really seemed to embrace the mud and the boys followed in their footsteps, literally. Instead of a finish line, a sprinkler awaited everyone’s last steps as well as a PFC Mud Run bandana! Yellow for the girls and blue for the boys. Those could come in handy soon. Blue. Gold. Gold. Blue. 1-2-3-4. We. Want….COLOR WAR!

It’s muddy days like this when we kinda wish we still had shower houses. Sort of, but not really. Thankfully, laundry goes out tomorrow.

It’s not the Dead Sea, but this mud packs a punch!