Kindness Day

This #flashbackfriday, we’re reflecting on how awesome Kindness Day was on Wednesday. The highlight of the day was our 1st Annual Pay It Forward Scavenger Hunt! Our campers worked together doing different team-building activities at all 28 stations of the scavenger hunt. Each station had a clue to the next. See below for an example!

Station #1
OBJECTIVE:  Work together and use the bed sheet to shoot the basketball and make a basket. Have each person in your group grab an end of the bed sheet and hold it with BOTH hands.

  1. Everyone needs to hold the bedsheet with 2 hands.
  2. Place the basketball in the middle.
  3. Now shoot.
  4. You can stand from anywhere.
  5. You have about 3-4 mins to make a basket.
  6. Start your timer NOW!
  8. But if you don’t make a basket with the sheet, no worries. Have your coach make a shot on the way out and cheer them on!

Some examples of acts of kindness are the creation of a banner for our kitchen staff that has messages of thanks written all over it, picking up trash around camp, taking a moment to appreciate the nature around us by hugging a tree, cheering on other campers, and hand-delivering flowers made out of pipe cleaners to our amazing office staff. Our campers are the BEST!

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