Keep Playing Tennis!

Three words, “Keep playing tennis!”. That is the mantra that Uncle Marvin
Black lives by and he shared that anthem with the multitudes of players
who assembled for the Pine Forest Marvin Black USTA Tennis tournament.
Uncle Marv at age 89 still plays tennis almost every day. He told the
participants that it is a lifetime skill and that they should stick with
it. He even gave a little advice. He told them that whenever there is a
questionable call, always give the advantage to your opponent, more than
likely, it will come back to you when you are on the other side of a call.
Pay it forward.

Thanks to Uncle Marv, Pine Forest was one of the first camps in the United
States to host a sanctioned USTA tournament and it’s going stronger than
ever 30 years later.

So when Uncle Marv says “Keep playing tennis”, he means a lot more than
the game. Keep trying hard. Keep paying attention. Keep engaged in life.