Keep Playing Tennis!

Yesterday was the USTA tennis tournament with campers from all over competing at PFC, but today there was a tennis moment that our campers loved. Just as the boys were finishing their lunch in the grove, they looked over at Mitchell courts, heard the pop of tennis balls being hit and the scuffle of feet and saw 3 generations of Black family men playing a very competitive game of tennis. Uncle Marv, now 90 years old, had a laser beam serve and a backhand that was  unstoppable.  His son, Mickey, and grandson, Lee, did their best to keep up with him but he was relentless. Even Tennis Director Craig Wallace was impressed.  Campers watched the action and rooted for all 3 generations, but mostly for Marv.  It was pretty cool. There are a lot of camps out there but not many with 3 generations of tennis-playing directors!  As Uncle Marv, who has been a lifetime player, always says, “Keep playing Tennis”!  Love-90.